It is so important to us that all of our customers stay informed and up-to-date with what’s going on with the Click2Mail system (especially since we’re frequently making changes to make mail even easier). That’s particularly true for developers using our APIs: we want to ensure that you receive notices, updates, and other important messages right to your inbox.


To make that easy, sign up to receive API announcements. You’ll receive emails only when there are updates to the system or scheduled downtimes for maintenance. We’re not going to be overloading your email inbox or inundating you with loads of information. 


Reasons to sign up for the API Newsletter


1. Stay abreast of changes to system – As fast as technology changes, it’s critical to stay informed about what’s going on. It’s much easier to adjust to the changes along the way than to try to catch up in the end. 


2. Stay informed about new features – New features may include faster, easier ways to do something or important bug fixes. Staying informed about them will help you optimize your use of the system.


3. Get notified of downtime for maintenance – This will allow you to schedule around downtimes, notify your customers of potential delays, and eliminate unexpected surprises. 


In fact, we have recently made some important upgrades to the API system, including: improved system performance (we upgraded the DB server); improved API document improved; and improved batch/XML API.


Here’s how you can sign up for the API Announcements: 

1) Login to your regular account

2) Go to “My Account”

3) Click on “Preferences”

4) If you have already signed up for a Developers Account, on the preference page you will see “API Access” as one of the groups (at the bottom of the page; it is highlighted in blue). It will show the Current User Status: Developer (not registered)


5) Look below for the green button that reads “Start Now”. Click that and a new dialogue begins. Here you will see these questions:

What kind of development do you do?

What industries do you develop for?

What platforms do you develop for?

What types of applications do you create?


6) You will need to accept the API Access Terms and Conditions to continue. Once these are accepted you will receive a “thank you” confirmation email. 


(If you need help signing up, watch this step-by-step visual tutorial.)


And that’s it! Signing up for API Announcements is quick and easy – and important. As always, we’re here and happy to answer your questions. You can contact us online at or call us Mon-Fri, 9AM to 8PM Eastern Time at 866-665-2787.