Your Large Format EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) mailpiece is hard to miss in the mailbox — but great design can make it even more powerful.

You’ve Got Space — Use It!

Every inch of mailer surface you leave blank is an opportunity wasted to promote your message and produce a return on your investment.

We’re not saying you should make the design so cluttered that nothing stands out. Instead, enlarge the priority elements — such as the headline, hero image and call to action — to fill the space. Your layout will still be clean and easily comprehensible while delivering maximum impact.

Get Psyched About Color 

Psychologists and marketing pros know that color elicits specific emotions and influences perceptions. It’s no accident that the Coca-Cola logo is red (excitement, energy) and the IBM logo is blue (stability, trustworthiness).

Here’s a brief overview to guide your choice of background and text colors.

Red: Passion, action. Beware, though, it’s also associated with the “red ink” of a debit and can remind people that they’re spending money.

Green: Health, growth. It’s also the color of money and is psychologically associated with making a profit.

Blue: Harmony, safety, reliability, conservatism.

Yellow: Happiness, optimism, fun.

Orange: Creativity, adventurousness, enthusiasm.

Purple: Power, luxury, nobility, wisdom.

Black: Mystery, sophistication, exclusiveness.

Brown: Down-to-earth, comfort, security.

Grey: Balance, neutrality.

Put Both Sides to Work

What if your mailpiece lands face down in the mailbox? Would the recipient see your message — or any reason to keep reading? Repeat your offer and call to action on the back. You could also add more information or supporting statements that didn’t fit on the front.

Help Customers Respond

The call to action — where you tell readers exactly what you want them to do next — and the response mechanisms (street address, phone number, website URL, QR code) are just as important as your sales pitch. The last thing you want people to say is, “Cool, XYZ Company has a way to save me money. I wonder how I can get in touch with them.”

They’ll put aside that task of tracking you down until later, then forget about it completely. If they have your message, “Call Today! 1-800-XXX-XXXX,” big and bold in their face, the odds are much better that they’ll take immediate action.

If you’re still not sure your design is the best it can be, Click2Mail offers affordable design services. And, of course, we’re always just a phone call away for any questions you may have.