At Click2Mail our goal is to help you stay connected through postal mail, no matter where you may be working. On your behalf we are closely monitoring developments with respect to COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the timely dispatch and delivery of postal mail.

Note that by law all US postal mail sent through Click2Mail can only be delivered by the US Postal Service, thus we are completely reliant on the integrity of that network. At this writing, USPS is only experiencing minor operational impacts; you can find the most recent service updates from the USPS here.

Click2Mail is open and maintaining normal operations and we’re doing all we can to make sure Click2Mail’s systems remain up and running. To ensure that we can maintain normal operations as the spread and impact of COVID-19 continues, we have activated our business continuity plans to guide our response to the evolving situation.

At this time COVID-19 has not impacted Click2Mail’s ability to deliver any services including printing and mailing on a daily schedule. Our strategy for business continuity includes:

  • Following CDC guidance to institute training and preventative measures to reduce the chance of infection in the workplace, including having most employees work from home.
  • Platforms that enable Click2Mail to shift workload between fulfillment centers or re-route orders to other locations for processing should the need arise.
  • Cross-training employees to help maintain business operations in the event of decreased employee availability.
  • Regular conversations with USPS officials regarding the status of their operations and potential alternative arrangements.

We want you to remain confident that you can send mail from virtually anywhere via Rest assured, we are 100% focused on supporting you in the coming days and weeks and will communicate updates to our plans and notify you of changes to the availability of Click2Mail services or to reliable postal mail delivery.

Also, if you haven’t already:

Download the Mail-it Now mobile app for iOS.

You’ll be able to:

  • Login to your existing Click2Mail account.
  • Scan and mail documents as First-Class Mail.
  • Mail PDF files directly from your mobile device.
  • Check the status of your mail jobs in real time.
  • Add credit to your Click2Mail account.

Thank you for your business as we all work together to navigate through these challenging times. Our support representatives are available and ready to help you at or toll free 1-866-665-2787.

Take care and be safe!

The teams behind Mailing Online, Click2EDDM, MailJack+ and Mail-it Now

Thank you again,

Lee Garvey
President & CEO