For adding credibility, persuasiveness and promoting decision-making, direct mail is a real winner. And, as the political season revs up, Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) for Political Campaign Mail (PCM) is an option you should consider for your candidate, party and ballot initiative.

The good news is Click2Mail is keeping it easy!  Using our online platform you can create your mailer, select the routes and get your mailing out the door and on the way to voters very quickly!

What Is EDDM Political Campaign Mail?
The U.S. Postal Service defines political mail/political campaign mail as any material a registered political candidate, campaign committee, or political party committee mails for political purposes (ref: USPS).


Political Mail

Mail given this designation is identified by a bright red tag (USPS Tag 57) placed on mail trays, sacks and pallets to provide added visibility and ensure expeditious processing.

Mailers such as Click2Mail are eligible to use this tag if they are mailing a political message mailing for a:

  • Registered political candidate
  • Campaign committee
  • Political party committee
  • Political Action Committee (PAC)
  • Super PAC
  • Other organization engaging in issue advocacy or voter mobilization

Why Use EDDM Political Campaign Mail?

It’s like canvassing door-to-door, but saving a bucket of time and money by letting Click2Mail and the U.S. Postal Service do all the work for you.  Not to mention that door-to-door canvassing during a pandemic is risky proposition, with mail there’s no risk of contagion.

  • Allows you to target specific neighborhoods or districts by USPS delivery routes using Census data demographics such as age range, household income and household size visible in our online mapping tool.
  • Addressed to “Resident” so there’s no need to buy mailing lists.
  • Marketing Mail flat-size postage pricing – lower rates than First-Class Mail.
  • Click2Mail’s six oversized postcard formats to choose from, which means plenty of space to display your candidate’s or campaign’s message.

Why Do Voters Like It?

Direct mail is not only a highly effective way to reach voters but is proven to mobilize them as well. This was the conclusion of a survey of Virginia voters after Virginia’s 2018  gubernatorial election. This study, jointly conducted by the USPS and the American Association of Political Consultants, found that “mail sent to my home” was:

  • The #1 most credible political outreach technique (68%; TV ads were #2 at 59%)
  • The #2 most persuasive technique (65%; TV ads were #1 at 68%)
  • The #2 most helpful in making a decision (46%; TV ads were #1 at 49%)

Further, more than 80% of surveyed voters say they check their mailbox at least 5 times a week. Almost half of them said they had read the mailpiece, then gone online to learn more about it.

Political Campaign Mail with Click2Mail
EDDM for political mail campaigns is easy! You’ll just need to use the same easy EDDM ordering process, then be sure to check the box “POLITICAL CAMPAIGN MAIL” at the end of the order process.  That’s all you have to do–we’ll take care of getting it tagged and identified as political mail through USPS delivery.

Still have Political Mail questions?
We’ve put together some helpful FAQs on Political Mail in our Knowledgebase. Take a look at them (here). Or as always, Click2Mail’s mailing experts are just a click or phone call away. Live support is available online or by phone Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST.