There are many reasons why a mailpiece doesn’t produce the ROI you expected. Here are some of the most common.

It Didn’t Stand Out from the Crowd
Choosing the cheapest, small postcard may seem like a good way to control costs, but it’s easily overlooked in a mailbox full of catalogs, flyers and even regular envelopes; so the net result is a lower return on investment.

Improve your postcard’s visibility without blowing the budget by:

•    Adding one or more colors, either in the printing ink or the paper stock
•    Choosing a large size
•    Adding personalization in the printed message or images

It Was Poorly Timed
For better success, send out your direct mail campaign at a time when customers and prospects have a need for what you’re selling — not when you need more leads.

We must also mention that in this crazy pandemic year, many people have either already lost their jobs or are worried that they soon will. This economic climate drives extreme caution with purchases of anything except the bare necessities. A mailpiece that would have succeeded in 2019 may perform badly now.

It Didn’t Go to the Right People
The scattergun approach to direct mail marketing rarely works unless you have unlimited funds and can do it on a massive scale. Your money is better spent on precisely targeting people who need your product or service.

Analyze your lead sources to make sure they are delivering high quality prospects. Also remember, you can’t go back to the same well too many times.

It Didn’t Make the Right Offer
Your deal must be enticing enough to at least catch people’s attention; and certainly be at least as good as your competition’s. Sweetening the pot can quadruple your response rate.

It Tried to Do Too Much
Direct mail doesn’t make the sale — salespeople do. Your mailpiece is not the place to explain every last detail of your business and every reason why customers should buy from you. The result will be a cluttered design that’s pretty much unreadable.

In designing and writing your mailpiece, stay focused on what this medium is really good at: getting prospects to contact you. Your sales staff should take it from there.

It Didn’t Really Fail.
If you’re new to direct mail advertising, you may not know how much response to expect. According to the Direct Marketing Association, the average response rate for house lists is 9%, for prospect lists it’s 5%, and if your product is expensive or complicated it could be less than 1%.

Ready to up your direct mail game? We can help you with vehicle choice, personalization, graphic design, using mailing lists and more. Just give us a call!