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Click2Mail’s amazing electric-yellow postcard

Apr 08, 2008

BY MATT HANNA This picture doesn’t do it justice—our new electric-yellow cards were born to grab attention. Postcards are one of THE most economical and effective forms of print communication. Through Click2Mail, for example, you can send 100 black and white on electric-yellow postcards to 100 different addresses for less than 37 cents per card—postage and printing included.

Why a postcard? Because a postcard is the simplest direct mail transaction—the ideal medium for focused, simple communications such as making a specific offer, pushing a prospect to your web site, announcing news, saying thank you, reminding the reader of an appointment, and so on. It doesn’t even need to be opened to be read! Click2Mail offers two electric-yellow postcard sizes 4.25” x 6” and 5” x 8.” If you choose yellow, print in black and white—a bold, black headline will seem to pop off the page. Better yet, create two different cards with the same offer and print one in 4-color (full color) and the other in black on the electric-yellow card. Add a code of some kind so that you can track which card gets a greater response.

I’d love to hear which card pulls better for you. Call or e-mail me to tell me your results.

Matthew Hanna is Click2Mail’s Customer Operations Manager. Contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)