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Mail Design Part 2: Your Flyer Self-Mailer

Dec 02, 2010

Mail Design Part 2: Designing Your Flyer Self-Mailer

When you have more to say and you need to stand out, the flyer self-mailer combines the benefits of a postcard with the benefits of a letter. Grab your recipient's attention right at the mailbox with strategically-placed images and headlines. The flyer self-mailer is ideal for newsletters, brochures, employee updates, short product/service catalogs, and event announcements.

For some innovative, winning ideas on flyer design, we turned to master designer Chuck Green at Chuck offers some great ideas for making the most of your flyer self-mailer, whatever you're using it for.

Newsletters - One way to use the flyer self-mailer is as a newsletter. With Click2Mail, you can create a self-mailer with up to 8 pages - plenty of space to communicate your news. If you're using the flyer self-mailer as a newsletter, take these design tips to heart:

• Remember your purpose. Or, as Chuck says, "Include meaningful information." Think about what your customers and prospects want to know (or, better yet, ask them). Infuse your newsletter with a balance between promotional content and informational content (like this article).
• "Involve your audience." In his article, "Create a smart newsletter" Chuck suggests that you include an opportunity for your readers to interact - by submitting "letters to the editor" or story tips, for example. Or think about featuring a contest even just a fun trivia Q&A. Select winners from the responses, and make the prize a coupon for your product or service.
• Make it easy to get in touch. Every direct mail piece should have clearly displayed contact information, and a flyer self-mailer is no exception. If your newsletter accomplishes its goal, prospects will want to call you, email you, visit your store, or log onto your website - make it easy for them to find out how.
• Make smart use of every inch. The back side of your flyer self-mailer, where we'll put the address, is often the first part of your newsletter people will see. Maximize the chances that your recipient will open the newsletter by including an enticing photo or teaser that relates to the content inside. Add an "Unfold to learn the answer" call to action.
• Include your customers. Most people love to see their names and faces in print. Think about including a "Meet Our Customers" section of your newsletter, where you profile a different customer each month. (You could also feature a mini-case study.) At the end of the feature, ask readers to submit their information for a chance to be included in an upcoming issue (another way to involve your audience).
• "Keep it simple." Chuck says, "Good design makes your message more easily understood." In a content-loaded mailer like a newsletter, simple design is critical. Chuck suggests beginning the text of each article with a paragraph of text that is larger than the running text -- that will make each article stand out and easier to read.

Brochure - Another way to use the flyer self-mailer is as a single-page brochure, update, or announcement. With Click2Mail, you can create a one-page self-mailer that packs a whole lot of marketing punch. As you think about your one-page self-mailer, keep these design tips in mind:

• Benefits, benefits, benefits. It's been called the "what's in it for me" principle - your prospects don't care what you can do, they care what you can do for them. So highlight the benefits your products or services offer. Include those most important benefits as stand-out headlines.
• Call to action. In communicating benefits, you're telling prospects why they should act; follow it up with a very clear call to action. What are you asking them to do? When? How? (Learn all about crafting a compelling call to action in our 12 Steps to Direct Mail Success: Step 9.)
• Leverage the power of imagery. "Show the benefit or the result of using your product or service in a photograph," Chuck writes. Even if they're stock photos, images of people like your customers and prospects will help them relate to you.
• Keep it organized. A single-page flyer can't afford disorganized or misused design elements. Chuck's advice: "establish a center of attention" with the most important, featured image. "Organize your page with boxes and borders." Think about how your recipients will experience the flyer: What image will they see first? What text will they read first? Then how will their eye travel across the page? Make your layout, design, and content, work for you.

So you've got the flyer self-mailer design ideas, now it's time to put them to work. Get started today with Click2Mail's easy-to-use flyer templates (or upload your completed design), upload your mailing list, and click to mail!