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New postage prices are now in effect—you still save with Click2Mail

Apr 08, 2008

POSTED BY LEE GARVEY On May 12th, the new postage prices announced in February by the U.S. Postal Service became effective, and Click2Mail is still saving you money on every letter and card you mail on Overall the cost of sending your Click2mail mail piece has increased roughly 3 percent, but you still save about a nickel on every letter or postcard. Specifically, First-Class postage on a one ounce Click2Mail letter now costs $0.369 (vs. $0.42 retail) and small postcards now cost $0.223 (vs. $0.27 retail). If you’d like specifics on higher weights or other mailpiece configurations you can check out our Cost Estimator page.

When you mail through Click2Mail you can qualify for the lower "Commercial Rates" cited above versus "Retail Rates" by simply making sure your addresses are standard. When your mail pieces have standard addresses, we prep, sort, and process them in a way that usually qualifies them for USPS automation and presort discounts. So, for even the smallest mailing we can charge you discounted postage rates that reflect these savings; generally the Mixed AADC Automation Rate is our reference point.

At any rate, the US Mail overall remains a bargain. The USPS delivers nearly half the world’s mail, visits all 146 million homes and businesses in the United States every day, and operates 37,000 retail locations—all without any tax dollars.

Lee Garvey is President and CEO of Click2Mail. Lee’s 35 years of experience in the postal industry, include 28 years at the US Postal Service where he conceived, developed, and implemented NetPost, the first fully web-enabled distributed hybrid mail solution.
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