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Save Time and Money with MailJack™

Sep 14, 2011

Why Take the Time To Do Your Own Printing (And Pay for Postage And Mailing) When You Now Have MailJack™? 

In last month’s newsletter we announced the upcoming launch of MailJack™ – our newest “making mail easy” solution.  Read about MailJack™ in our last newsletter here then watch a video demo of how it works here.

Just click “print” and we take care of the rest

Think of MailJack™ like a virtual printer and mailer.  It works similarly to Click2Mail Mailing Online (where we print and mail for you) except – this is big – you send the mailer to us from within your desktop application, just as if you were printing to your office printer. 

Here’s the typical scenario (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)): At the end of every month you send invoices to all of your clients.  Your administrative assistant takes a full day to manage the production.  The first step, she prints the invoices with names and addresses mail merged onto the documents.  Next, she takes those mail merged names and addresses and prints them onto envelopes.  Then, she folds the invoices and stuffs them into the envelopes.  Then she sticks a stamp on every envelope.  Finally, because you want the invoices to mail the next day, your assistant takes them to the post office.

Do-it-yourself cost:
payroll cost for your assistant’s time (and think of all the other more important work she could be doing), paper, ink, wear and tear on your printer, stamps, and gas to the post office. 

Now imagine, instead, that you have your administrative assistant take the invoice documents with names and addresses mail merged and click “Print to MailJack™.”  Then, you’re done.  The documents are in our hands now to print, put in envelopes, stamp, and mail.

MailJack™ savings: printing (we can do it for much less than you can, paper and ink included!), postage (we get discounts most individual mailers don’t get – 5 cents per First Class piece), plus no wear and tear on your office printer, and no gas to the post office.  And, imagine the time your assistant has left over to spend doing much more productive work than folding, stuffing, and stamping.

It’s easy to set up and use

You can use MailJack™ within almost any application that has a “Print” function, including:
  •    Word processing (Microsoft Word)
  •    Bookkeeping (QuickBooks)
  •    Presentations (PowerPoint)
  •    Spreadsheets (Excel)
  •    Desktop publishing (Adobe InDesign)
  •    Even e-mails, web pages, and PDFs

The system reads the recipient address from the document, so there are no extra steps associated with uploading an address list (and the system will automatically generate labeled envelopes from the recipient addresses in the document).  Plus, MailJack™ adds Intelligent Mail Barcodes for online delivery tracking.

MailJack™ works directly with your Click2Mail account (it’s free to download for all Click2Mail account holders).  All you need to get started is:
  •    A Click2Mail account (get one here)
  •    A Windows PC (Windows XP to Windows 7)
  •    A desktop application that allows for printing (any of the ones listed above)

Sign up, download, and start printing smarter today!