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How to Mail a Letter to a Business (Step-by-Step Guide) 

Sending letters can feel like a lost and dying art in the age of email, social media, and YouTube shorts. That’s a pity because letters are still a great way to connect with people, especially business owners. Here’s how to mail a letter to a business.

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Why Your Direct Mail Needs a Response Device

Enticing recipients to read your message is only the first step. Profitability lies in what comes next: getting those readers to take action and become customers.

The single most important element of your direct mail marketing piece is the request for a response. Here’s where you tell prospects what you want them to do, whether it’s placing an order, using a coupon or requesting information.

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How to Send Legal Documents Through the Mail Safely & Securely

The question of how to send legal documents through mail gets asked more often than you’d think. Legal documents need special, secure handling because their content is usually confidential and time-sensitive.  The Internet, email, and other online document delivery systems offer the promise of secure and timely delivery. However, even if tight security measures are in place, these systems are prone to attack, interruption, and interception, making them less reliable for sending documents securely. Sending mail through a mail carrier such as the United States Postal Service is still one of the best ways to send legal documents safely and…

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How to Write a Friendly Letter for Past Due Invoices

Writing a letter for past due invoices is a necessary evil but often also an unwelcome and time-consuming task. Your business has provided products or services with the understanding that clients would pay for them.  And yet, we still end up asking those ever-dreaded questions: ‘Where’s the money, Lebowski?’   Statistics vary for how many people pay late and how late their payments are. The truth is, paying late is common – way more common than paying in advance, at any rate. How you handle communication makes the difference in getting paid or being ghosted by your clients. Use a friendly…

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