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Have you heard? There are changes brewing at the Post Office. From the elimination of Saturday mail to privatization, what might those changes mean for you? Let’s take a look at some of the potential transformations at the USPS, how they might impact your business, and how Click2Mail is poised to respond.

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Coming off the heels of the most difficult economic recession in several generations, it seems a particularly appropriate time to make some resolutions for better business in 2010. Start with these 5 direct mail resolutions that will help you maximize the value of your direct mail campaigns and build stronger relationships with your customers and prospects. Read more
Step 4 on the 12-step path to a successful direct mail campaign is about the decisions to make as you choose your direct mail piece. Mailer types. Sizes. Paper. Colors. Postage class. Your choices should depend most heavily on the goals you want to achieve, but you’ll have to strike a balance between effectiveness and cost. How do you strike that balance? What mail choices might be right for you? Read more

Reducing the environmental impact of direct mail (“mailing greener”) is good for the earth and for your pocket book too. Many of the green direct mail practices help you increase the effectiveness of your mail and save money. Read on for 6 steps to green your mail. . .

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Yet more proof that direct mail is not dead: A recent study (sponsored by an e-mail marketing company, to boot) found that direct mail influenced customers to make a purchase more than any other marketing channel. Read on for 4 tips to put direct mail to work generating purchases for your business. . . Read more
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