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When you hear the word “in the cloud” what comes to mind? Some people equate being in the cloud with business processes that are impersonal and out of your control. Not true! Cloud computing is simply a more efficient way of handling day-to-day tasks, like your direct mail projects and business correspondence . . . Read more
Have you ever worked on a mail piece and wished you could send it immediately, without having to leave the software you created the piece in? Good news – you can! Click2Mail’s direct mail integration means that you can send direct mail from almost any software that you use . . . Read more
We’re excited to share the latest upgrades to Click2Mail's Mailing Online Pro. From editing made easier to email notifications, we’re at it again making mail even easier for you . . . Read more
Cheryl Davis Hornung, customer since 2012 and creator of Heckery Dekkery Dot Travel Game Postcards for Children, was just recognized by “Worldwide Who’s Who” for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in entrepreneurship. Her story and her product are a true inspiration . . . Read more
One of the most important aspects of direct mail is consistency. Research shows that it takes seven to nine touches (i.e., communications) to close a deal. Meaning, the more you mail, the more successful you’ll be. Consistency is also key to maintaining a relationship with your customers, and to keep them coming back. . . Read more
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