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Did you know that companies choose colors based at least in part on the psychological impact it has on you? As you design your mailers, what colors should you choose to have the desired impact on your audience? Learn about the psychology of colors in marketing, and what different colors mean… Read more
Spring is a time of change and renewal; the snow is melting, new flowers are blooming, trees are regaining their leaves, and homeowners begin the annual chore of spring cleaning. From closet organization to handyman fix-ups to getting the yard ready, homeowners need your help. With direct mail, reach your customers and prospects just as they’re wondering who to call. . . Read more
This is the 7th and final step in our Selling Through Direct Mail Marketing series. Here, we tie all the tips, tricks, and best practices together. Learn how to measure, test, and repeat your success in all of your direct mail marketing campaigns to come . . . Read more
Since it was introduced, Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) has been a great direct mail marketing tool. Now with new enhancements, it is even better! The enhanced EDDM mapping tool allows you to see age, household income, and household size in your select carrier route. And it’s totally free . . . Read more
The holidays are a special time to share with family, friends, and customers. No matter where your loved ones are, take the opportunity this season to connect. Mail makes connecting easy, and there are as many ways to mail as grandma has holiday sweaters (here, we profile three). . . Read more
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