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For a number of years, some people have heard the bell tolling for direct mail – yet the direct marketing medium is still alive and kicking.  Resist the temptation to abandon direct mail marketing to use e-mail alone.  Read on for five reasons why direct mail is better for your business – for your bottom line. . . Read more
At, we keep our “eye on the market” to help you stay informed about new trends that might change the way you manage your direct mail. Earlier this year, the Direct Marketing Association released its annual Response Rate Report, which benchmarks response rates for different types of direct marketing in different industries. Understanding the Report’s conclusions is important for all businesses who utilize direct mail, because response rates directly affect the return you see on your marketing investment. Read about the Report’s conclusions and 5 ways you can boost your response rate Read more
It’s hard to believe, but it’s already that time of year again – time to start planning your holiday direct mail campaign. The fact is that the vast majority of businesses send at least one piece of direct mail during the November/December holiday period. That means two things for you: 1) If you’re not sending mail, you’re losing space in your customers’ minds; and 2) your mailers must be extra-effective to cut through all the clutter in your target’s mailbox. Read our 5 keys to help you plan an efficient, effective holiday direct mail campaign. Read more
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