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When used properly, QR codes can be powerful response drivers. But sticking a QR code on your direct mail and hoping for the best is not smart integrated marketing. For the best response boost, you need to integrate your use of QR codes, direct mail, and a mobile-enabled website. Do it right, and you’ve got a three-punch knockout. Here, learn how. . . Read more
Click2Mail makes holiday mailing easy, quick, and affordable – for your personal list and your business list. In addition to our regular array of postcards, letters, and other types of mailers, Click2Mail offers a special set of holiday mailing options for sending your holiday greetings to all of your customers, prospects, friends, and family. . . Read more
This month there are numerous opportunities to reach your customers with special promotions, friendly reminders, or direct asks. Are you trying to promote a product for holiday shoppers? Consider offering a Columbus Day promotion. Are you trying to garner votes for the November election? Reach your voters with a mailer on where you stand on the issues. . . Read more
We’ve almost completed our series of 13 Integrated Marketing Tips (we published #12 this month). All 13 are now integrated into one white paper designed to help you make the most of direct mail in combination with the other types of marketing you do. And now we’re hard at work on the next series, which will focus on tips for direct mail success by type of business . . . Read more
The shelves are stocked with school supplies, shoes and clothes, backpacks, dorm essentials – signs that it’s almost time to head back to school. Yet it’s still pool-party weather. Bridging the dog days of summer with back-to-school time offers a number of unique mailing opportunities... Read more
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