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Click2Mail Economical Direct Mail
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You know that Click2Mail is all about making personalized direct mail easy, quick, and economical. We’re at is again with 2 new products for release in May: an addition to our “Easy Sender” product line and a new service that will allow you to create direct mail in your email program. Read more
Last month a cardboard UPS Express Envelope, similar to Priority Mail, was found sitting outside our door. It was addressed to Click2Mail’s founder and CEO, Lee Garvey. The folks in the mailroom, and then the folks up in Lee’s office all had the same reaction, “This must be important.” Read more
Learn more about our coming webinar series on how to use Click2Mail’s products, services and tools to cut time, costs and make your mailings more efficient. Space is limited, reserve your seat for this month’s FREE webinars now! Read more
At Click2Mail, we’re very fortunate – thanks to you – to have enjoyed success even in 2009. Instead of resting on our laurels, though, we’ve re-invested that success in improvements to make sending direct mail even easier and more effective. Read about some of those changes and how you can be part of our continuous improvement. Read more

Reducing the environmental impact of direct mail (“mailing greener”) is good for the earth and for your pocket book too. Many of the green direct mail practices help you increase the effectiveness of your mail and save money. Read on for 6 steps to green your mail. . .

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