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Believe it or not Santa’s elves are at it again – we have only three months left in 2015! So, yes, it is time to get started on your holiday marketing plan. Grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte and read these 5 tips to getting the ball rolling. As they say, the early bird gets the worm. . . Read more
In this customer success story, Brett Keister, co-owner of the supplement store VitaZen, explains the return he has seen from direct mail marketing with Click2Mail. He calls direct mail “hands down” his best advertising expenditure each year… Read more
November marks the first full month of the holiday season and one of the busiest promotional months of the year. And, no shortage of great reasons to mail – from Thanksgiving to Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, and an awesome Every Door Direct Mail discount from the USPS . . . Read more
Forget trick or treat, when it comes to October sales and specials, it's more like hide and seek. Make it easier for your customers to find and take advantage of your special October deals . . . Read more
In this last article in our series, Building a Winning Hand with Click2Mail, we round out our winning hand with an Ace – one that ties the King, the Queen, and the Jack together for an integrated, effective direct mail marketing strategy. Read on to find out just how the Ace does that. . . Read more
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