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Click2Mail Economical Direct Mail
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Why mail out a letter with an enclosed reply envelope when Click2Mail gives you options that are less wasteful? Introducing Click2Mail double postcards and reusable reply ecoEnvelopes™. If you only need a short response, save paper and postage by using our double postcard. If you receive checks or money orders, try our reusable ecoEnvelopes. You save trees while saving money. Read more
Certified Mail™ was introduced by the Post Office Department in 1955 and has since become the universally recognized standard for documented proof of delivery. Today, Click2Mail has made sending Certified Mail™ through the U.S. Mail fully electronic, from uploading your letter to downloading the signed receipt, you’ll never have to touch paper, envelopes or green cards ever again. Plus, the new Electronic Return Receipt option saves you $1.20 compared to the traditional green card return receipt. Certified Mail™ is an essential business tool that legally documents the fact that you sent someone a letter or notice on a certain date and documents that they received it on a specific date. Optional Return Receipt service provides you with a proof of delivery record for use in legal filings or follow-up correspondence. Traditionally, the Return Receipt has been a green postcard that is returned to you with the addressee’s signature. Green card receipts are still available on Click2Mail, but we highly recommend the new Electronic Return Receipt that provides an official USPS proof of delivery with an image of the recipient’s signature via email. It saves paper of course but it also saves you money – the electronic receipt is $1.20 less than the green card variety. Read more
This picture doesn’t do it justice—our new electric-yellow cards were born to grab attention. Postcards are one of THE most economical and effective forms of print communication. Through Click2Mail, for example, you can send 100 black and white on electric-yellow postcards to 100 different addresses for less than 37 cents per card—postage and printing included. Why a postcard? Because a postcard is the simplest direct mail transaction—the ideal medium for focused, simple communications such as making a specific offer, pushing a prospect to your web site, announcing news, saying thank you, reminding the reader of an appointment, and so on. Read more
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