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On April 17, the USPS increased some postage rates on postcards and some First Class letters. Find out how these USPS increases might affect you. Plus, learn all the ways that Click2Mail helps you save money on your direct mail. Rest assured, wherever postage rates go, Click2Mail will always help you to get more and spend less! . . . Read more
OpenID is an authentication tool that allows web users to use a single existing account to sign in to multiple websites. Say goodbye to remembering a different username and password everywhere you want to make a purchase, or join a discussion. And now, you’ll be able to sign in with through OpenID too. Learn about how it will work, and why it’s great. . . Read more
Our Easy Letter Sender letters and postcards are the ultimate in easy, effective direct mail – for your business and your personal correspondence. Paste your text into the super-simple editor and upload your own images for a message that really stands out. And now, for a limited time, try Easy Letter Sender for free. . . Read more
At Click2Mail, we’re very fortunate – thanks to you – to celebrate another strong year in 2010. Instead of resting on our laurels, though, we’ve re-invested that success in improvements to make sending direct mail even easier and more effective. Read about some of those changes and how you can be part of our continuous improvement. . . Read more
Are you paying attention to your mailing list hygiene? If not, it can cost you – big. In fact, a dirty mailing list can reduce your mail deliverability by 30% – that’s nearly a third of your direct mail investment wasted. But when you mail to a clean list (Click2Mail makes that easy), you maximize your response and minimize your cost. . . Read more
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