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Click2Mail Economical Direct Mail
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In this blog, we’ll explore three ways to measurably increase your success rate for your next direct mail campaign. Managing the mailing list process includes deciding who to mail, who not to mail and how the postal service needs you to present the mailing address...


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Too much information crammed into too a small space confuses the reader and is perhaps the most common cause of less-than-expected postcard results. Make sure your design works with the format, not against it, by paring down to a just few strong elements...

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In spite of the tsunami of digital communications that has inundated the world over the past couple of decades, business-to-business marketers continue to give direct mail the single largest chunk of their budget, according to a Pitney Bowes survey. Over half of the same survey respondents said that direct mail was the best way to reach senior management prospects. Here's why...

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You may have heard recently that outbound marketing is so over. Consumers have been flooded with messages in all channels — TV/radio, email, the internet, telemarketing, the environment and, yes, the mailbox — to the point where they just tune it all out. Inbound marketing is where it's at, some experts are proclaiming...

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