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Click2Mail Economical Direct Mail
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This month we’ve chosen Maize Quest/Maple Lawn Farms as our Click2Mail direct mail success story. “Maze Master” Hugh McPherson reveals the secrets behind his direct mail success. Why does he love Click2Mail? Because it’s so easy and fast. Read more
January is a great time to take advantage of new beginnings with your direct mail. Whether you sell to individuals or businesses, there are a number of ways you can tie the New Year into your direct mail messaging. Read more
When you are scheduling your mailing you are presented with a choice of several classes of mail. Here is a brief look at the pros and cons of each. First-Class Mail Choose First-Class Mail for time-sensitive mail that you need to have delivered between 2 and 4 days after it is presented to the Post Office. (USPS delivery times are not guaranteed but First-Class Mail typically is delivered in 1 to 4 days of acceptance at a Post Office.) First-Class Mail is required for bills, statements of account or invoices, personal correspondence, personalized business correspondence, and all matter sealed or otherwise closed against inspection. Read more
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