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6 Steps for Using Mail to Acquire New Customers

Apr 11, 2013


If you're looking to enhance your customer acquisition strategy, direct mail is an excellent solution. Direct mail with Click2Mail is affordable, simple to implement and, most importantly, effective. You can precisely target your marketing, accurately measure results, and then repeat and scale-up your most successful mailings. 


To see success with your direct mail customer acquisition campaign, we recommend following these six steps. 


1. Define what you want to achieve. You need clear goals if you want your acquisition efforts to succeed. Do you want to reach new customers? Reignite the interest of previous customers? Generate leads? Stimulate direct orders? Each goal requires a different technique to achieve, which means that understanding exactly what you want to achieve with your direct mail campaign is the first step to building a strong campaign.


2. Know how to recognize your best customers. Who are you targeting? Take a moment to think about your best customers. Why do these people do business with you? Where do they live? What demographic characteristics do they share (for example, age, income, gender, etc.)?


Once you have a list of your best customers' characteristics, you can start using that data for customer modeling. In other words, synthesize that data so you have a crystal-clear picture of who your customers are, so that you can design a targeted mailing campaign that speaks directly to them. Sound complicated? It's not when you use Click2Mail's Look-Alike Reports, which takes your existing customer list and compares it to confidential third-party data so that you can target people with similar interests, demographics, and shopping habits as your best customers. 


3. Create your list – and manage it. You have a couple of options when creating your list. You can use an existing in-house list, perhaps refining it so that you mail to those with certain characteristics (for example, existing customers who haven't made a purchase in the past six months). If you use an in-house list, make sure you're managing it properly and keeping it up-to-date, by purging old addresses and deleting duplicates. Not only does an up-to-date list save you money (since it means more of your direct mail pieces end up in the hands of people who actually want to hear from you) but it also reduces customer frustration. At Click2Mail, we help you keep your list fresh by using software to verify addresses (including checking against recent change of address requests), therefore minimizing undeliverable mail pieces and saving you money.


Your other option is to purchase a list. If you've already purchased a Look-Alike Report from Click2Mail, you can use the information in that report to acquire a list of prospects who share characteristics of your existing customers. Or, you can use our Mailing List Services to generate a list based on criteria you select, such as household income, gender, geographic location, recent moves – even families with children or those with an interest in gambling or green living. The options are nearly endless! 


4. Create the right campaign. Format, message, and offer all matter. Once you know who you're targeting, think carefully about what message will resonate with them, and the best way to deliver that message. A highly mobile, tech-savvy customer may respond well to a postcard with a QR code. If you're trying to generate leads, a reply mailer may be most effective. If you want your mailing to look official or urgent, Certified Mail could be the way to catch recipients' attention. 


Click2Mail offers all the tools you need to create an effective direct mail campaign. We offer a huge variety of direct mail formats – from Every Door Direct Mail postcards if you're looking to saturate a neighborhood, as well as traditional postcards, letters, flyers and booklets. Attractive templates make designing a mailing a cinch (or you can work with our design team to create a more custom look). Plus, we offer tools that can help you personalize each mail piece, so that you're speaking directly to each recipient. 


5. Track response. Response tracking is key if you want to judge the effectiveness of any customer acquisition initiative. Technology makes tracking simple, for example with QR codes that will let you know who or how many people are responding to your mailing. But less high-tech approaches work as well. With Reply Mail, you can judge your mailing's impact by looking at the number of reply forms returned. Or, if you're offering a coupon or in-store discount, you can simply require that people bring the mail piece with them to redeem the offer. 


6. Measure your success. Once you have your response data, you can measure the success of your mailing. Before you do that, though, make sure that your expectations are realistic. A response rate of 1% or 2% is normal. Remember, customer acquisition is an ongoing process. Your prospects may need to see your offer two or three times before they respond. And you'll need to commit to a reasonable trial period, so that you can look at what works – and what doesn't – and adjust your campaign accordingly. 


Have more questions about creating a customer acquisition campaign that works? Click2Mail can help. Our customer support team is always happy to help you out and answer your questions. Drop us a line at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or give us a call at 866-665-2787. We're here Mon-Fri, 9AM to 8PM Eastern Time.