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A Year of Changes: How Click2Mail Makes Mailing Better

Jan 12, 2010

As the first decade of the century comes to a close, we think it’s appropriate not only to look forward to what the New Year holds in store, but also to do a bit of reflection on the year that’s just ended.  So let’s take a look at some of the changes Click2Mail made in 2009 to help make  mail even easier:

Website upgrades that make using Click2Mail even easier.  You’ve afforded us great success; instead of resting on our laurels, we’re re-investing to create the most powerful, user-friendly platform we can devise.  We’re making the improvements in two phases.  Phase I changes include an improved Registration System and easier access to our new Mailing List Center.  Phase II changes – already well under way – including streamlining the Mailing Online interface and making the system even faster.  Got an idea to make even better?  Let us know

Marketing & Design Services to make creating your direct mail piece a snap.  If you have an idea for your mail piece, but don’t have all the resources necessary to execute it, we now offer a comprehensive set of creative and technical services. Our team can provide everything from all-inclusive marketing campaigns to project-based services such as copywriting, graphic design, and document production.  Learn more about our new creative services.

Advanced developer tools to integrate Click2Mail with your management software
.  Software developers who want advanced access to Click2Mail's process automation resources will be particularly interested in our new Advanced Services. The Mailing Online Soap API, for example, equips developers with the tools they need to integrate the power of Click2Mail’s distributed print-and-mail system directly into their own system.  Learn more about streamlining your direct mail workflow or building your own direct mail applications.

Delivery Estimator makes choosing your postage class easy. Trying to decide between First-Class and Standard?  First-Class is more predictable (delivery within 1-4 days) but more expensive ($0.38 for a letter).  Standard is less expensive ($0.27 per letter) but less predictable (delivery times average 9 to 12 days and have been known to exceed three weeks).  Now, with Click2Mail’s new Delivery Estimator tool, you can have the best of both worlds, estimating delivery of Standard Mail within a much more reasonable 5-day window at the same low $0.27 rate.  Learn more about Delivery Estimator.

Priority Mail Plus to send 2-3 day Priority Mail at discounted rates.  Click2Mail is now certified to produce Electronic Option barcoded Priority Mail labels.  This means we can offer Priority Mail – 2-3 day delivery and free delivery confirmation – at discounted postage rates.  It’s a real bargain compared to retail prices, and our distinctive customized USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail envelope guarantees that your message will be noticed in the mailbox and read first.  Learn more about Priority Mail Plus.

Our new monthly newsletter and Knowledge Base archive to make direct mail easier and more effective.  We’ve begun sending our monthly newsletter to offer you tips, news, and information about Click2Mail products that will make your direct mail campaigns easier to set up and manage, and help you generate better results.  Each newsletter includes a “12 Steps to a Successful Direct Mail Campaign” article – gather all 12 for a complete manual of everything you need to know to set up and run a successful direct mail campaign.  And, when you have a question about Click2Mail’s services or how to improve your direct mail, check out our new Knowledge Base archive.

An open conversation.  All of the changes we’ve made have been for you, our most valuable customers.  But we need your help to continue improving Click2Mail.  Have an idea for a new Click2Mail product or service that would make your life easier?  Let us know directly or  take this short survey  Have a question about optimizing your direct mail?  Ask us!

We really want to have an open conversation with you.  Please send us an e-mail to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call us at 866-665-2787 anytime.  We look forward to the conversation.