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Best Practice - 5 Tips for Winning Back Customers

Oct 07, 2010

It's a competitive world out there. As a business, you need to not only be working on getting new leads but working on maintaining the ones you have as well as reaching out to customers that may have gone to a competitor. The customers that you may have lost are the lowest hanging fruit. And with a little bit of creativity, it doesn't need to be difficult to get them back.

Here are a few ideas you can use to win those customers back.

1. Surveys - It's a good idea to find out why a customer might have left. Send customers a link to an online survey with a few questions about their satisfaction with your company. Make sure you leave a box where they can include "other" information in a freeform fashion so that you can read through the comments. You might find that you now offer something they were looking for and you can follow up with them and let them know via an e-mail or direct mail marketing campaign.

And people love being asked their opinion and to offer feedback. Just the gesture of asking shows that you're a company who cares. If they don't come back right away, you have at least left with a more favorable impression.

2. "We've Missed You" Postcard - Segment your mailing list and create a postcard version of your regular newsletter or catalogue tailored to customers you may have lost. Include a note telling them that they have been missed and give them a special offer. You can even personalize the offer by giving a coupon discount for the last product they purchased from you.

This shows that you care and having been paying attention to what their interests are. This offers bonus points for you and the postcard will make sure they remember you for as long as they keep the card on the refrigerator, and will hopefully drive them back through your door.

3. E-mail Marketing - Along the lines of the postcard, send an e-mail to those customers who've opted in with their email address. Make them an offer they can't refuse and get them back in your store, restaurant or site An e-mail campaign may also work well as a lead in to a phone call.

4. Send a Gift - If you have samples of a product you sell, that's a great way to get your customer's attention. But if you don't, or you sell services you can also go a bit zany and throw a bunch of fun things in a box to get their attention too. Include a "Thank you" card with an offer that's sure to get your customers back.

5. Testimonials Campaign - The best kind of marketing remains word-of-mouth/customer referrals. One way to execute on this is to use testimonials from current customers. Using different quotes that support your top brand propositions, send them out in mailers, use in print advertisements, and on the Web. Customers trust other customers and seeing people like themselves supporting your company, will feel like a friend has referred them personally. It's one of the strongest - and most commonly used - advertising campaigns.

Getting a customer to come back is a lot less costly in time and money for you than getting new customers, so give this a try and make it an ongoing campaign. Click2Mail can help. With a variety of proven effective, low-cost solutions, can help you win back customers.