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Click2Mail Acquires Postful

Jun 07, 2011

Email-to-Mail Developer Postful Acquired by Click2Mail

Last month we announced a new service, Email-to-Mail, which allows users to send direct mail through their email system (the customer emails us the document, we print and mail it). It's the ideal solution when you have a single mailing list with some people who want to receive emails and some who want to receive printed mailers; or when you are required to send some communications by traditional mail (though you typically communicate by email).

Email-to-Mail works like this: 1) set up your account for Email-to-Mail; 2) using your regular email client (Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Gmail) send the message and/or document that you want printed to your special Click2Mail email address; 3) we receive, print and mail the message and/or any attached documents. Easy as 1-2-3!

Email-to-Mail developer acquired

Email-to-Mail was designed by Postful, a developer of leading-edge hybrid mail technology and services, which was recently acquired by Click2Mail. About the acquisition, Postful co-founder Justin Garten said "We selected Click2Mail based on its e-commerce experience, customer service record and financial strength. This agreement ensures that our clients will continue to receive high-quality technology and services from a truly industry-leading company."

Click2Mail CEO Lee Garvey explained that the acquisition of Postful was another way that Click2Mail could expand market opportunities (to small business customers, for example), leverage best-in-class technology, and deliver world-class hybrid mail services.

How the acquisition benefits our customers

Postful customers (the acquisition included Postful's assets as well as its customer contracts) will now have full access to Click2Mail's range of print and mailing services. According to Garvey, "We are now extending our know-how to Postful's clients and are committed to providing them an exceptional level of service."

And Click2Mail customers will now have access to a broader range of print and mail automation tools. "Traditional postal mail users faced with increasing costs and declining volumes increasingly seek out cost-effective mail automation tools. This acquisition broadens our product offering to include email-to-mail and a new API set, thereby enabling us to enhance and differentiate our hybrid mail product suite," Garvey said.

For questions about the Postful acquisition, or how you can use Email-to-Mail to simplify your communications, contact Karla Humphrey at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 703-521-9029 ext. 4106.