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Click2Mail Can Help You Manage the Coming USPS Rate Increase

Jan 08, 2013


Mailing costs are going up because of the U.S. Postal Service rate increases that goes into effect later this month, but Click2Mail will continue working to keep mailing affordable for our customers.




 New mailing rates


New First-Class Mail full rate pricing will take effect on January 27th. Here's the info on the new mailing rates: 


  • Letters (up to 1 oz.): 1-cent increase, to 46 cents
  • Letters to all international destinations (up to 1 oz.): $1.10 
  • Postcards: 1-cent increase, to 33 cents 


Rates for Priority Mail® and other services will also rise. Overall, First-Class Mail® and Standard Mail® prices will rise by an average of 2.6%. 


The Click2Mail solution

Keeping mailing affordable is our mission at Click2Mail, which is why we offer the following solutions to help you stick to your direct mail budget. 


  • Redesigned templates: The USPS has made some changes to mailing regulations for flyer self-mailers. To accommodate those changes – and to keep mailing costs as low as possible – we've redesigned our flyer self-mailer templates so that you can continue to mail at the most affordable rates. 


  • Comprehensive EDDM offerings: Every Door Direct Mail continues to be one of the most affordable and efficient ways of reaching a large number of prospects at once. With our many EDDM templates (including postcards, flyers and industry-specific templates), it's simple for you to design a direct mail campaign that reaches every address in a target neighborhood. 


  • Mailing list services: Purchase a targeted list from Click2Mail to make sure that your mailer reaches the prospects who are most likely to be interested in your product or service. For even better results, take advantage of our Look-Alike Report, a unique service that allows you to clone your best customers. 


  • International mailing options. If you're mailing to Europe, you can take advantage of our partnership with Maileva (a subsidiary of France's postal service) to have your mail printed and mailed directly in France, for less than the cost of an airmail stamp. Our online tools make the mailing process simple, and you can rest easy knowing that your mail will get to its destination as quickly as possible. 


  • Integrated online mailing solutions with Mailing Online Pro. Mailing Online Pro offers more cost-effective mailing solutions than Mailing Online Classic – including lower production costs and a faster user experience – with many of the same features you've come to know and love. Find out more about how Mailing Online Pro can help you simplify your mailing efforts. 


We can't control the cost of mailing through the USPS, but we can help you find the best mailing option for your situation. Whatever your mailing needs, Click2Mail can help you find an cost-effective, efficient solution. 


Have questions about how Click2Mail can help you make mailing affordable? Give us a call at 866-665-2787. We have customer support experts ready to help Mon-Fri, 9AM to 8PM Eastern Time, and we're always happy to answer your questions.