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Click2Mail for Government Agencies

Jul 06, 2011

As a General Services Administration Contract Holder, Click2Mail Makes Mail Easy for Government Agencies, Too

It was this time last year that we proudly announced (right here in our newsletter, of course!) that Click2Mail had been awarded a Mail Services contract from the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).  During the five-year contract period federal government agencies and federal employees will be able to choose Click2Mail for many of their print and mail services needs.

As a GSA contractor, Click2Mail offers government agencies a number of important benefits:

  •  Our business model reduces the greenhouse gas emissions associated with “traditional” print and mailing.  We don't print and mail from a centralized location; instead, we route your individual mail pieces to the printing center closest to the delivery address ZIP Code. So we're minimizing the miles your mail travels (less transportation = less gas = less greenhouse gas emissions) and maximizing the speed with which your mail arrives in your recipients' mailboxes.
  •  We use recycled materials. It's true that printing on a piece of paper uses more natural resources than sending an electronic message, but at Click2Mail we minimize the resources used by printing on recycled paper. The quality and performance of our recycled paper is equal to that of virgin paper, but we're optimizing the use of existing material, reducing the amount of virgin pulp taken from forest resources.
  • You don’t have to put the print/mail job up for bid.  Because Click3Mail is a pre-approved GSA contractor, you don’t have to go through the hassle (and all the waiting) associated with putting a job up for bid.  That’s especially important when you have a small, simple mailing that you need to get out quickly, or when you’re looking to do regular mailings.
  •  Click2Mail makes mail easy, quick, and cost-effective.  The GSA chose Click2Mail for the mailing services contract because we provide great service at a great price.  You don’t have to be a direct mail expert; using Click2Mail’s online mailing system is easy and quick (we know you have plenty of work on your plate!).
  •  At you’ll find information dedicated just for you.  From GSA-specific FAQs to a GSA product catalog to GSA-dedicated customer support.

How government agencies have used Click2Mail

All of the Click2Mail products and services are available to government agencies at GSA contracted rates.  A wide range of government agencies of all types, at all levels, have used Click2Mail to realize the benefits highlighted above.  For example:


  • A local job training agency uses Click2Mail to print and mail about 5,000 monthly flyer self-mailers, newsletters for people using the training agency to gain the new skills they need to find jobs
  • A state health agency uses Click2Mail’s small one-sided postcard to announce when and where free vaccination clinics will be held
  • A federal education agency uses Click2Mail to print and mail one-off booklets for local educators who want more information about a new technology-enabled curriculum

For government agencies, as for all of our customers, we’re here to help make mail easy.  If you’re a qualifying federal, state, or local government agency, please contact us for GSA pricing.  Learn more here, call 1-866-665-2787 or e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).