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Choose the Right Mailer - Product Selector

Aug 07, 2011

Choosing the Right Mailer - Now Made Easier with Product Selector

If you're been reading our newsletter articles for a while, you're well aware that our motto is "We Make Mail Easy." You'll also know that we're constantly looking for ways to make mail - and the process of mailing with Click2Mail - even easier.

That's what we've done here with our just-released Product Selector, a new-and-improved replacement for the Cost Estimator. Access the Product Selector here or from the Click2Mail home page on the left-hand side under Welcome to

Product Selector: what it is and why it's great

Product Selector is a great tool if you need a bit of help deciding which product is right for your mailing needs. It's also a source of creative mailing ideas. For example, did you ever consider using a flyer self-mailer for your monthly newsletter, employee update, or short product catalog? Product Selector offers that useful tidbit.

In addition to mailing ideas, Product Selector also allows you to estimate the costs associated with different options and different products. Jumbo 6 x 11 postcard? Or 4.25 x 6 Reply Postcard? Black and white or full color? Standard or First Class mail? Product Selector allows you to quickly and easily plan your direct mail campaign.

How to use the new Product Selector

Step 1: Click here for a list of all of our traditional print-and-mail products. You'll see a brief description of each product and some ideas on how other customers have used them successfully. Click the big green arrow next to the product that you'd like to mail (or learn more about).

Step 2: On each product page you'll see a description of the product as well as FAQs about it. You'll also see our recommendation of similar products you might want to check out as well (and compare).

Step 3: Click the green "Select Options" button.

Step 4: You'll then see all of the options for that particular product. When you click different options you'll see how they affect your total cost. In some cases, some options aren't clickable - meaning that option is not available for that product. (When printing a full-color booklet, for example, we only use high-quality paper.)

Step 5: If you're not yet ready to buy - or you'd like to estimate the cost of another Click2Mail product first - click the "Close and Save Estimate" button. Your estimate will be saved (see it on the right-hand side of the page) until you select another product or create another estimate. You'll have the option to edit, print, or email your estimate.

Step 6: If you are ready to buy, click the "Start Job" button. You'll be asked to log in or to create an account. The Mailing Online system will then walk you through the process of uploading or creating your mailer design, uploading your list, and completing your order.

Product Selector is just another way that Click2Mail makes mail easy. From help deciding which type of mailer is right for you, to estimating the cost of different print and mail options, that's what Product Selector is designed to do. Give it a try today!