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Click2Mail Solutions for Large Organizations

Sep 12, 2011

Custom Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Click2Mail has been providing web- based mailing tools (creating and customizing mailpieces, building and managing mailing lists, printing and mailing services) to a wide variety of businesses since 2003.  All along, our mission has been to make mail easy and cost-effective.

Many of our customers are small and medium-sized businesses that rely on us to make mailing cost-effective and easy.  But we provide customized print and mailing solutions to a variety of big organizations, too – including some of the biggest.  For many of our largest customers, we help them integrate Click2Mail solutions into their existing systems and business processes. 

We do that through our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which offer seamless integration between the customer’s system and Click2Mail for printing and mailing on the back-end.  Here, for example, are three large organizations that have realized tremendous success with Click2Mail:

1. US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  For seven years we have been helping the USPTO save time and money on its mailings.  When an individual submits a patent application, the USPTO automatically sends that individual a postcard notifying him that the patent application has been received.  Imagine how logistically difficult it might have been to manually manage the printing and mailing of these one-off postcards every time someone submitted a patent application!

With the Click2Mail API, the USPTO system automatically generates a postcard “order” complete with recipient’s name and address every time a patent application is filed.  That order is sent to Click2Mail where we print and mail the postcard – all within 24 hours of the patent application filing.  Today, the system is completely automated, at a savings that has quickly added up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for the USPTO.

2. provides contact information for people and businesses in the U.S. on their own website as well as on 1,500 other sites.  On their own website, they offer a really neat tool called Organize a Block Party that allows you to select your neighbors from a map (after you’ve told the system your own address), auto-send postcard invitations to those neighbors, and view RSVPs online.

The tool is made possible by the Click2Mail API. provides the neighbor addresses through their own system, then uses those addresses to create a postcard “order” with the Click2Mail system.  The person organizing the block party can choose from a range of postcard templates, then customize her “order” with the host address, date and time, and contact details.  We receive that order, print the postcards, and mail them.  And it’s all automatic – no manual intervention or human being work required until we physically print and mail the postcards.

3. Large financial services firm.  Several months ago a large financial services organization called us about helping develop an automated print and mail solution for them.  The company provides a range of financial services.  To capture leads (and turn them into prospects) the firm offers a packet of free information for anyone who signs up with their contact information online. 

Before calling Click2Mail, the company had a team of employees who would take the contact information from the website, print the personalized packet, stuff it into a Priority Mail envelope, address the envelope, and take it to the post office.  A team of people. Doing that every single day.

Now, with the Click2Mail API, when a prospect enters his contact information on the financial service company’s website, that automatically generates an “order” in the Click2Mail system.  We take that order, personalize the information packet, print the materials, put them in the Priority Mail envelope, and mail it the same day.  Again, until the materials are printed out in the Click2Mail facility, the process is entirely hands-free. 

As with the USPTO and, the Click2Mail API solution has saved the financial services company huge amounts of money on printing and mailing costs, and freed up that team of people to do more productive work.  Imagine the possibilities for your company with the Click2Mail API solution!

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