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Click2Mail Targeted Lists

Apr 01, 2010

Click2Mail Targeted Lists

We can’t really say it enough: personalized mail is smart marketing.  The more you say “you” in your mail (to a limit, of course), the more successful you will be.  But you can only say you in your mail pieces (effectively, at least), if you know who you’re talking to.  You do that with a highly targeted list.

Think of the value of highly targeted, personalized direct mail this way: Say you run an accounting firm and you want to sign 5 new clients for your monthly payroll service (you estimate those new clients will generate $10,000 a year in additional revenue for your company).  Your direct mail campaign budget is $2,000. 

You have a few options for your mail campaign:

1) You could buy a general list of all businesses in the zip code surrounding yours –there are 3,000.  You could then send a letter to each business explaining the benefits your firm offers and inviting them to come in for a free consultation. 

If you get a 1% response rate, that’s 30 calls.  But most of those – 20 – are from people who just want their annual tax return prepared (not the kind of work you’re looking for).  Of the 10 good prospects who come in for a free consultation, you sign half, and you’ve met your goal of 5 new clients at a total cost of about $2,000.  Your ROI is 500% – which is really amazing.

2) You could buy a highly targeted list of all of the newly incorporated businesses with 2 or more employees in your city – there are 500 of these.  You then send a personalized letter to each new business owner explaining the benefits you offer newly incorporated businesses with 2 or more employees.  You invite the business owner in for a cup of coffee and to chat about the potential pitfalls in small business accounting and payroll.

Because your mailer is so highly targeted and personalized for each recipient, you get a 2% response rate – that’s 10 calls.  Every caller is exactly the kind of new client you’re looking for (that was the point of your highly targeted list), and they all come in for a free consultation.  You sign half, and you’ve met your goal of 5 new clients at a total cost of about $500.  Your ROI is 2000% – that’s 4 times higher than if you had used a general business mailing list.

Today, Click2Mail can help you get that highly targeted list you need.  In addition to our tried-and-true online mailing list tools, we can now provide  any other type of list – as highly targeted as you need it to be.

What kind of list do you need?

If, for example, you run an ice cream shop and want to promote your “First Day of Summer Ice Cream Extravaganza” sending a postcard to every home in your zip code makes perfect sense.  In other words, there is absolutely a time and place for every kind of list.

If you do decide that you could benefit from a highly targeted list, how do you decide what customer attributes you’ll target?  You might, as in our example of the accounting firm above, base your targets on the goals you’ve set to achieve – the type of client you want to acquire. 

One strategy might be to “clone” you most valuable customers.  Decide who they are – are they the customers who spend the most in your store?  Or those who purchase the highest-value items?  Or the ones who have been shopping with you the longest? 

Once you figure out who your most valuable customers are, look to your in-house mailing list to find the attributes of those customers that you want to clone.  Do they live in a particular zip code?  Are they within a certain age range?  Do they share a similar profession?

2 ways to get the list you need

Once you decide whether you need a general or highly-targeted list, and which attributes that you want to look for in your mailing targets, there are two easy ways to get the list you need with Click2Mail:

• We offer a quick and easy do-it-yourself way to search for your list online.  Visit (you can, of course, always call us for help).

• For help on our mailing lists, give Click2Mail customer service support a call at 1-866-665-2787, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. until 8 p.m. EST.

To get you started with our lists today, we’d like to offer you a 15% discount through May 15th 2010 on any of our mailing list services – online or through customer support.  Use promotion code 1339953216 at checkout.