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SpaceSaver Postcards: More Space and a Glossy Shine

Nov 07, 2008

BY MATT HANNA Here at Click2Mail, we have found a new way to give “Thanks” to our customers, more options! On Monday, November 17, 2008, Click2Mail will be giving you more space on postcards to get creative and a new option that will make your postcards really stand out. Here’s how:

> We’re adding an option for glossy UV coating on postcards.
> Our new postcard layouts offer more usable space on all two-sided postcards.

Many of our loyal customers have asked for these features so we are pleased to be able to announce them now. Let’s take a closer look at each of these changes and the benefits to Click2Mail customers.
Glossy UV Coating for Regular Two-sided and Large Postcards

You will now have the option to add UV coating to the non-address side of your regular and large Click2Mail postcards. Ultra-violet, or UV cured coating is a very thin, eco-friendly clear sealant applied to one side of your card after it’s printed. It provides a glossy, glass like finish that helps to protect your content from scuffing in postal processing, makes colors deeper and more vibrant and protects colors from fading. We believe that of all coating types, UV provides the best protection and appearance and we think you will too. Click2Mail postcards with the UV coating option are also upgraded from the standard 80# uncoated cover stock to 100# cover stock with a Matte finish, so they will also feel more substantial. All this combines to provide a superior product that screams quality and professionalism, all for only a few pennies more.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention—UV coatings have no volatile component (VOC) to contribute to pollution, and UV coated cards remain 100% recyclable, plus, our UV coated postcards will be printed on paper that is produced from at least 10% post consumer fiber. So, with Click2Mail postcards you can now be environmentally friendly and bag a bargain at the same time.
If you would like to receive a sample of the new UV coated card to see how it dramatically they can improve your marketing message, please click here to request one.
New “Compact” Address Block Templates for Regular and Large Postcards

We’re giving away postcard real estate! When was the last time you had a real-life opportunity to get something for nothing? Well, after November 17, 2008, you can’t say that it hasn’t happened to you. On November 17th, Click2Mail will launch a redesigned version of the templates used for Two Sided Regular Postcards and Large Postcards. A simple change in the layout gives you over 50% more space on the address side of the postcard for your content.


And what does this change cost you?...Not a dime!

To take advantage of this change—starting November 17th, when you upload your postcard simply upload your document using the Postcard – 4.25” x 6” or 5”x 8” – SpaceSaver product type(s). Everyone who has uploaded and stored postcard documents using the current layout prior to November 17th will not see a change, those cards will continue to be reusable for the next few months. Any stored postcards will continue to mail as they do today, so there is no rush to switch your cards over. However, after November 17th, Word templates designed for the current layout will produce less than optimal results and should be replaced with the new ones. If you are designing postcards now to mail after November 16th, or you can’t wait to take advantage of the additional real estate, please follow the links below to download new templates.

Postcard – 4.25" x 6" –  SpaceSaver
Postcard – 5" x 8" - SpaceSaver 

Matthew Hanna is Click2Mail’s Customer Operations Manager. Contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)