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Coupons Boost Repeat Purchases 7x

May 02, 2011

Ride the Rising Tide of Coupon Popularity with Click2Mail Mail Templates

Has the Great Recession changed the American consumer? According to recent studies into the popularity of coupons, it really has. Once on the decline, coupon use has been on the rise since 2007, the first year that the Great Recession hit the global economy.

Consider this: according to a study released earlier this year by NCH Marketing Services, Inc., American businesses distributed 332 billion coupons in 2010, helping consumers save $3.7 billion - both new records. The number of distributed coupons redeemed grew by 6.8 %, while the dollar savings increased by 5.7 percent. [1]

Is it any wonder? Unemployment hovers close to 10 % and household incomes are down. People not only want bargains, they need them. NCH's study found that 78% of all American households are regular coupon shoppers, up from 64 % before the recession began. Experts say they even see more coupon use by families with annual incomes of $100,000 and more, and consumers willing to drive longer distances to redeem them.

So if you're looking to cash in on this trend, you ought to consider direct mail through Click2Mail. We've got templates to help you create high-impact coupons and send them as your choice of postcards, flyer self-mailers or a picture letter with the coupon showing through the envelope window.

Consider some of the advantages you can gain with an effective direct mail coupon marketing campaign:

  • Expand your geographic market reach
  • Attract customers away from your competitors
  • Introduce your business to new residents
  • Re-activate old customers
  • Increase profits through sales of related items at standard prices
  • Increase store traffic, creating opportunities for impulse purchases
  • Get consumers looking at your name and logo every time they look in their wallets or at their refrigerator doors

To create an effective coupon mail campaign, consider the following:

  • Create an attractive offer - discounts, purchase bonuses, or free goods or services are great bets
  • Use bold headlines that command attention with a short, punchy description of your offer
  • Use pictures or illustrations, but don't let your coupon look cluttered
  • Use the most powerful words and phrases in advertising like free, now, new, fast, easy, simple, how to, money and guarantee
  • Include your company logo
  • Make clear where the customer can redeem the coupon and when the offer expires
  • If you've got a website, print the URL on the coupon

Click2Mail's mailer templates (accessible once you choose your type of mailer) give you a lot of flexibility and make creating coupons easy. Use the templates to create a flyer self-mailer with a cut-out option. Use the "Jumbo" 6 x 11 postcard template to make your offer pop out of the mailbox, or use our letter format for products or services that require more information or imagery and that allows your coupon to be seen through an envelope window.

A direct mail piece that includes a coupon has been proven more likely to generate a response than one without a coupon. Research has also shown that customers who buy with a coupon are more than seven times more likely to make repeat purchases than customers who buy without a coupon. Can you really afford not to ride the coupon wave? Get started today!