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Infuse Urgency with Certified Mail

May 09, 2013


Make Your Mail Stand Out with Certified Mail®


When you send direct mail, you want it to be read. A good list and a well-designed mail piece are key parts of that, but they're not the only way to grab someone's attention. If you really want to increase the chances that your mail will be read by its recipient, choose Certified Mail®. Certified Mail® stands out in the mail box and seems urgent, which means that it has a great open rate. But those aren't its only advantages.


Each piece of Certified Mail® is processed and delivered by the U.S. Postal Service, and it comes with both proof of mailing and delivery. You also have the option of viewing the name and the signature of the person who accepted the mail, if you choose Return Receipt service. That makes Certified Mail® the perfect choice for urgent or official communications, such as legal notices, financial documents, important event invitations or recall notices. 


Other advantages of Certified Mail include: 

  • Option for Restricted Delivery, which requires the addressee to sign for receipt
  • No need waste time filling in paperwork
  • Easy to create your mailing online, plus tracking and record-keeping
  • No minimum quantities
  • No more stamps, permits, or trips to the Post Office


Why Choose for Certified Mail®

Previously, sending Certified Mail® was a labor-intensive process. Senders had to fill out forms by hand and affix them to each mail piece. That meant that most people sent mail this way only occasionally – even if they would have liked to use Certified Mail® more frequently. Now that the process is automated, demand for Certified Mail® has gone up.


With Click2Mail, you can create your mailing entirely online – no forms to fill out and attach, and no trips to the Post Office. Simply go to and choose “Certified Mail®” from our product options. You can send a Certified Mail® letter in an envelope, or choose a lower-cost Certified Mail® self-mailer


Plus, with, it's easy to send many pieces of Certified Mail® at once. Just upload your mailing list to our system and we'll do the rest. We can even personalize each piece with the recipient's name, account number or other information so your mailing has even more impact. Of course, each piece of Certified Mail® that you send through Click2Mail is clearly marked as Certified®, so that recipients can see how important your message is. 

Once you create your mailing, you receive a unique tracking number (simply log in to your Click2Mail account online to see your number). Then, you can use that number to check the status of each mail piece on the USPS website. For an additional fee, you can receive a signed and dated Return Receipt, either electronically or by mail. (One important note: You can't download Certified Mail® forms from the Click2Mail website. If you want to fill out the Return Receipt “green card” yourself, you'll need to visit the Post Office.)


Who uses Certified Mail®?

Certified Mail® is often used for important documents – legal notices or checks, for example. But that's hardly the only reason to send Certified Mail®. Other ways that customers have successfully used Certified Mail® include:

  • Past-due accounts notices. If you have customers who are past due on their accounts, use Certified Mail® to send them an official reminder. You can be confident that they'll get the message. 
  • Financial documents. A financial advisor uses Certified Mail® with Restricted Delivery to mail important financial reports to his clients. His clients appreciate that he takes the extra effort to ensure that their information is secure. 
  • Tax information. Phillip, a small business owner, uses Certified Mail® to send important tax information to his accountant. His accountant then uses Certified Mail® when mailing tax coorrespondence to the IRS. 


Basically, Certified Mail® is for anyone who has must-read information to share with the recipient. If you want to make sure that the mail you send gets opened, choose Certified Mail®

Do you have questions about using Certified Mail® with Click2Mail? Our customer support team is always happy to help you out so that you can create an effective direct mail campaign. Drop us a line at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or give us a call at 866-665-2787. We're here Mon-Fri, 9AM to 8PM Eastern Time, and we're always eager to answer your questions.