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Customer Success Story: Certified Mailing Made Easy

Feb 14, 2013





A Time-Saving Mailing Solution for a State Tax Department


People aren't usually excited to find a letter from the taxman in their mailbox (unless it contains a refund, of course). But those notices – whether they're wanted or not – are important. That means that the government agencies that send such notices need mailing solutions that are affordable, efficient, and get each mail piece to where it needs to be. In other words, they need the kind of service that Click2Mail provides. That's why, for the past seven years, a state department of Taxation and Revenue (TRD) has turned to Click2Mail for help processing more than 120,000 tax notices. 


Every November, the department is required to send out tax clearance notices to affected state residents. The notices let recipients know that any tax refunds due to them would be used to offset the balance of money they owe to the state. The notices – of which there are more than 17,000 every year – are sent via Certified Mail


To streamline the mailing process, TRD employees head to, where they use our simple online interface to create and mail the taxpayer notifications. First, a letter template containing the state seal is created. Then, the TRD puts together a spreadsheet containing a record for each taxpayer, including their mailing address, taxpayer ID number, and the fees due.


Next, the spreadsheet is uploaded to the Click2Mail system. Once that happens, it's easy to merge the information from the spreadsheet into the customized template, thus creating individual letters for each taxpayer. The letters are printed on 8.5” x 11” standard white recycled paper, folded, and stuffed into a double window, #10 white envelope. Each letter also includes a payment coupon that the recipient can cut off and return to the TRD with any fees they owe. 


Using Certified Mail means that the TRD is able to track and verify delivery of each individual mail piece – which is especially critical when you're dealing with important and time-sensitive government communications. Numbers for each Certified Mail piece are stored in the TRD's account at, so employees can easily log on to see delivery information or create a downloadable report for the entire mailing. That means that with just a few clicks, they can determine the status of any single letter in the mailing – pretty impressive! 


The state's TRD has been using Click2Mail for the past seven years, and the volume of mail pieces has been increasing every year. But even though the volume is increasing, managing the project hasn't gotten any more difficult. Our easy-to-use online interface make coordinating even complicated mailings like this one a breeze. The TRD keeps coming back to Click2Mail because they know we can deliver the efficient, affordable service they need to get their mail into the hands of the intended recipients. 


Have you had success with using Click2Mail's services in your business? We'd love to hear about it! Tell us your story by emailing .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Interested in learning more about how direct mail through Click2Mail can help you? Click here or give us a call at 1-866-665-2787.