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Direct Mail Made Even Easier

Mar 08, 2010

Mail Made Even Easier: 2 New Products Coming in May

Here at Click2Mail we’re really excited about two new products that we’re introducing.  They won’t be ready until May, but we wanted to share the news now so you can get excited, too.

Easy Postcard Sender

We’re expanding our “Easy Sender” products category (which now includes the Easy Letter Sender) to include the Easy Postcard Sender.  It will work in much the same way as the Easy Letter Sender does:

• No registration is required, so creating your postcard is incredibly fast
• Super-simple editor – composing your message and adding your image have never been easier
• Use our stock image for the front of your postcard or personalize it with your own image
• Compose your message in our easy editor; we’ll put the text in all the right places

Use Easy Postcard Sender to quickly, easily and economically send a quick thank-you note to a new client or a sale notice to your past customers.  Use it for your personal mail, too – easily send party invitations, birthday cards, special announcements, and more.


Ever wished you could create direct mail more efficiently, using the tool you know best?  With Email-to-mail, you can.  Compose your message in your regular email editor, click Send and we’ll turn your email into a letter and mail it for you.  It couldn’t be simpler.

And with Email-to-mail you’ll get all of the benefits you’ve come to love with Click2Mail:
• Personalize your message for each recipient
• Easily and economically take advantage of direct mail, still proven more effective than email
• We take care of the printing and mailing, so you can click Send and forget about it

Email-to-Mail will be a great tool for easily and quickly creating customer reminders, follow-ups, and invoices.  You can integrate it with your CRM or invoicing system through our custom API to seamlessly compose your message in your system and then send it to ours for printing and mailing.

Easy Postcard Sender and Email-to-mail are two more ways that Click2Mail makes sending direct mail quick, economical and – above all – easy.

Ideas on last-minute tweaks before we release Easy Postcard Sender and Email-to-mail in May?  Let us know! Send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)