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Direct Mail + Social Media = Marketing Success

May 03, 2013



Facebook has more than 1 billion registered users. People send 100,000 tweets every minute. Nearly 20% of women who use the Internet also use Pinterest. Social media is here to stay, and it's become one of the best ways for businesses both large and small to connect with customers and prospects, especially since social media is all about relationships and community building. Benefits of social media marketing include: 

  • More exposure for your business 
  • Increased traffic to your website 
  • More qualified leads 
  • Better search engine rankings 
  • “Stickier” relationships with prospects and customers 


Rather than touching a customer once like you would with a single mailer, you become a part of their life when they connect with you on social media. But that doesn't mean that there isn't a connection between social media and direct mail. If you're looking for ways to drive traffic to your social media profiles, increase Facebook likes, and learn more about your customers, direct mail can help.


4 ways to combine direct mail with social media


  • Add social badges to each mail piece: This one is easy – make sure you include social media badges on each of your direct mail pieces. That will let recipients know that you're present on those channels. After all, people won't follow you on Twitter or like your Facebook page if they don't know it's there. 


  • Create an interactive mailer: Use a QR code that directs recipients to your Facebook page when they scan it. Or include a link or QR to one of your YouTube videos.


  • Make social media a part of your integrated mobile and direct mail efforts: Say you include a URL on a postcard that takes recipients to a page on your mobile website that allows them to claim an offer. After they claim their offer, include links to your social media profiles on the “Thank You” page. It will be easy for people to click through and connect with you on social media. Or, encourage people to “share” the offer with friends, which can help build your social media presence exponentially, especially if the offer goes viral. 


  • Include a call-to-action: Make it obvious that you want to build relationships with social media. Use direct mail to invite people to connect with you on social, perhaps by offering an incentive, such as a coupon or free sample for people who “like” your Facebook page. 


What can you do once people have connected with you on social media? The opportunities are nearly endless. You have an existing pool of interested, engaged customers and prospects with whom you can share special deals, news and updates. You can enhance your relationships with those people by offering quality content via social media (remember, don't just promote yourself or your business; instead offer information that people can use). 


Finally, social media offers access to a wealth of customer data, which you can use to better understand your customers and created targeted marketing campaigns. Use social media to generate lists of qualified people to whom you can send your direct mail. Post status updates that encourage people to sign up for your mailing lists. Make sure to explain the benefit of sharing their address, so they'll know they're getting something more than what they'd get on social media. 


Do you have questions about integrating social media into your direct mail campaign? Our customer support team is always happy to help. Drop us a line at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or give us a call at 866-665-2787. We're here Mon-Fri, 9AM to 8PM Eastern Time, and we're always eager to answer your questions.