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Easy Holiday Mailing Ideas (It’s Not Too Late!)

Dec 02, 2011

It's Not Too Late to Send Your Holiday Greetings! Click2Mail Makes it Easy (So No More Procrastinating!)


It's one of the holiday truisms: after the decorations are hung, the travel arrangements made, the presents bought and wrapped, the pies baked...sometime about New Year's we get around to sending the holiday cards. The fact is that once December arrives, sending holiday mail can fall to the bottom of the to-do list.


That's true in our personal lives, and in our businesses as well, as we have year-end reports to run, next-year plans to finalize, holiday parties to host and attend...the to-do list goes on. Fortunately, Click2Mail is here to make holiday mailing easy, quick, and affordable - for your personal list and your business list.


Ideas and options for personal holiday mailing

Remind Santa - perfect for anyone with children in their lives (or the young at heart). Choose from one of 5 beautifully illustrated letter designs, including a commissioned illustration by an award-winning children's book illustrator. Create your own message or start with one of ten templates, all seeded with fill-in-the-blank references. Santa's signature and P.S. message are all individually written by hand and the letters placed in an illustrated, hand-addressed envelope. When you order by December 16th, we ship your letters to the North Pole Post Office in Alaska where they are postmarked. Order today!


Easy Letter Sender - makes it easy to send a picture letter or picture postcard. Ideal for your annual family newsletter. The Easy Letter has space for a large image (your photo or artwork, or our holiday image) which shows through a unique picture window envelope. The Easy Postcard features a full photo or other image on the front side and space for another image along with text on the back side - making it a neat alternative to the traditional letter newsletter. From uploading your photo and inputting your text to uploading your mailing list, Easy Letter and Easy Postcard are two great ways that Click2Mail makes holiday mailing easy and affordable. Get started today!


Holiday cards - we also offer beautiful holiday cards that we print and ship to you for mailing. It's easier than using store-bought cards because we print your personalized message right into the card, but you still have control over addressing and mailing (or simply handing out). Choose from one of 9 beautiful card designs, write a greeting (or use one of ours), and add an optional photograph (or any other image). We print your cards on premium quality, coated card stock using dimensional print technology that produces impressive raised and textured impressions. Then we ship them to you. Get your personalized holiday cards today!


Ideas and options for business holiday mailing

Easy Letter Sender - makes sending as few or as many letters or postcards as you need easy and affordable. As always with Click2Mail, sending one or one thousand mailers is easy and affordable. The holiday season makes a great "excuse" for telling your customers how much they mean to you. With the graphic-focused Easy Letter and Easy Postcard, you can show you care in a way that stands out in the mailbox and reinforces you brand.


Design an Easy Postcard with an eye-catching holiday image on the front, plus your message and company logo on the back. Do it right and the postcard might even get a place on the fridge. Or, use the Easy Letter to send a 2011 year-end recap or 2012 outlook (with the letter you grab attention with the image in the picture window envelope and have more space to express yourself in text).


Holiday cards - fully customizable, so you can include your own holiday message as well as your company logo. Holiday cards are by design more personal, so sending one to your customers can really stand out - especially if you write a message that comes from the heart. In these economic times especially, saying "thank you for your business" can work wonders to solidify your customer relationships. You know your customers have choices, and that your competitors would gladly take them on, so you really appreciate those customers' loyalty. Tell them so.


During the holidays, as always, Click2Mail is about making mail easy and affordable. With a range of holiday mailing options to take care of your personal list and your business list, we help you cross this line item off your to-do list...after all, decorating, shopping, baking, year-end reporting, and next-year planning await. We're here to help you take care of your holiday mailing today!