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Every Door Direct Mail in Action

Nov 05, 2011

Case Study: How One Click2Mail Customer Uses Every Door Direct Mail to Generate New Sales

Dave Klingler owns ZING Wireless Super Store, an independent carrier for pre-paid cell phone companies with locations in Greeley and Loveland, Colorado.  In the cell phone business for a decade, Dave recently started using Every Door Direct Mail through Click2Mail to promote special offers.

What Dave did

Dave decided that he wanted to use direct mail to promote a new cell phone carrier with an offer for a special-order phone at a deeply discounted price.  He chose Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) for its relatively low cost (just 14.2 cents per piece in postage) and because it doesn’t require the purchase of a mailing list (instead, mailers are sent to every address within a given postal carrier route).

Dave’s first step was to review his customer database to glean as much information as he could about his existing customers so he could target prospects just like them.  He chose two carrier routes within a 2-mile radius of his store and decided to use Spanish and English.  Aiming to keep costs low, Dave chose the 6.25 x 11 EDDM format.  He created the postcard himself using the Click2Mail template, a process he said was easy (and he appreciated not having to hire a graphic designer).

He knew that his postcard needed a strong offer to succeed, so he decided on a deep discount and free cell phone activation to promote the special-order phone and new carrier.  To receive the free activation, customers have to bring the postcard into the store – that gave Dave an easy way to test the effectiveness of his direct mail campaign.

Why it worked

Most of ZING Wireless Super Store’s competitors run ads in the local newspapers to promote their products and services.  But Dave knew that the majority of his customers and prospects don’t get the newspaper.  Yet everyone gets the mail.

Dave said he was happy to see how many people came into the store with the postcards.  Dave chose the do-it-yourself Every Door Direct Mail option.  So we printed Dave’s mailpieces and shipped them to him, along with complete preparation instructions and printed copies of the required USPS documentation. 

Dave had his staff do the counting and bundling by carrier route and then Dave dropped the bundles off at the local Post Office locations. Dave said the paperwork was easy and it took less than an hour to prepare everything for mailing.  (Click2Mail also offers a “Ready to Mail” bundled option where we do all of the work for you – all you have to do is take the bundles to the Post Office.)  Dave said that he really liked getting his staff involved in the process of marketing the business. He also liked being able to know exactly when the mailpieces would be delivered (the day after he dropped them off at the Post Office). 

Lessons learned

While Dave did write the offer in Spanish and English, he said next time he might do the entire mailer in Spanish.  He also plans to test a stronger coupon offer featuring a better-known cell phone provider.  And while he was thrilled with being able to design the mailer himself through Click2Mail, he learned that he should use higher-resolution images.

All in all, Dave said, he was happy with his first test of the low-cost Every Door Direct Mail through Click2Mail and plans to use EDDM again to promote ZING Wireless Super Store.

Whether you run a retail store like Dave’s or some other local-oriented business, Every Door Direct Mail through Click2Mail makes it easy to mail to every address in the neighborhood without a list, for the super-low postage rate of 14.2 cents per piece.  Get your EDDM campaign started today.