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Getting More by Spending Less

Oct 07, 2010


Research shows that companies who continue to market in hard economic times do better during the tough times - as their competitors fade from customer's radar.  But they also do better after the economy has begun to recover - they're ready to soar while their competitors have to rebuild the marketing campaigns they suspended.

The best response to economic tough times is not to suspend your marketing activities, but to market smarter.  To help, we've laid out five ways Click2Mail can help make your marketing dollars go farther:

1.  Target better

Recipients expect direct mail to be relevant. Poorly targeted mail is junk for recipients and a waste of precious marketing dollars for you.  And over time, poor targeting can damage your relationships with prospects and customers.

Fortunately, the data you need to target your mailings has become less expensive.  At, we can help you choose and purchase a list, segment it, and personalize your mailings - for highly targeted, relevant communications (and maximum success).

2.  National Change of Address (NCOA) Service

Move Update is a USPS requirement that requires mailers to periodically update addresses prior to mailing. NCOA is a proprietary USPS data base of all recent changes of address that enables address correction services that are provided to mailers only through USPS licensees. Address correction is necessary when your recipients move (either temporarily or permanently) and have filed a change of address with the Postal Service.

How does it work? NCOA licensees match mailing lists submitted to them against change-of-address information from all USPS Computerized Forwarding System units across the entire country. If a match is made, the old address can be replaced with the new one before it is printed on a mail piece.

Click2Mail provides Move Update service to our customers at no additional charge Addresses submitted to Click2Mail that require updating will be changed using NCOA data and the updated address will be printed on your documents when your order is produced. This results in faster delivery to your recipients and allows us to receive - and pass on to you - postage discounts on every mailpiece.

3. Address Standardization

A Standard Address is one that can be found in the U.S. Postal Service's master database of all known delivery points in the United States. Such an address typically includes a valid street name and house number, a directional (abbreviations for compass directions, like E, S, W, NE, SW and so on), an apartment or room number (for multi-unit dwellings), a city and state name, and a ZIP Code. The Click2Mail address standardization process includes adding the extended ZIP +4 and DPV Code.

Click2Mail analyzes ALL uploaded addresses and addresses that are missing elements such as a directional (NW, SW, E, ...) or a street suffix (ST, AVE, RD, ...), or those with an invalid street number, may be identified by Click2Mail as non-standard. Mail with non-standard addresses cannot be recognized by USPS' automated processing equipment, and may result in delayed or non-deliverable mail that is returned to the sender.

To meet USPS addressing requirements, Click2Mail uses CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certified software to standardize U.S. domestic addresses. The standardization process corrects minor spelling errors, supplies missing directionals and adds ZIP +4 Codes. This results in faster delivery to your recipients and allows us to receive - and pass on to you - postage discounts on every mailpiece. Non-standard addresses can only be mailed at the higher, single piece rates and Click2Mail recommends correcting or deleting them rather than mailing them as non-standard

4. Presort to get the best discount

The USPS offers postage discounts for presorted First-Class mailings of 500 or more pieces. Essentially, by presenting mail pieces that meet automation and barcode discount requirements and sorting them into geographic order as specified by the USPS, bypassing one or more of the postal services' sorting operations, mailers can share in savings in processing costs realized by the USPS. This "worksharing", as it is known, forms the basis of the various presort and automation discounts that are offered to USPS customers who present mail pieces meeting these requirements.

Discount requirements include: proper placement of the return address and recipient address; proper barcode positioning; mailpiece size and weight that are compatible with USPS automation equipment; as well as Move Update compliance and CASS certified address standardization as described above. To qualify for discounted presort rates, mail must also be properly prepared, presorted, packaged, labeled and trayed (letter mail) or sacked (flats). There are also very specific requirements for packaging, labeling, traying, and sacking.

As you can see, there is a lot to know and many requirements to meet before you can receive presort postage discounts from USPS. However, Click2Mail makes sure that all Postal Service requirements are our standard procedures and makes it easy for you to take advantage of discounted postage rates every day on every letter, card or booklet. Try our cost estimator today to see how much you can save on your next mailing.

5. A special promotion - 10% off production cost for holiday mailers

Besides all of these great ways to save everyday, Click2Mail is offering 10% off production costs for holiday mailers! The coupon code is EARLYBIRD - so plan ahead for the holidays. You can schedule a mailing 120 days in advance. So don't hesitate - mail to your customers today!

With a range of proven-effective, low-cost direct mail solutions, helps you make the dollars you have go farther - and to get more bang for your mail buck.  Keep marketing when others aren't - get started with Click2Mail today.