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Go Green with MailJack™

Jun 10, 2013

Everyone likes to save money. And many of us want to do what we can to help the planet as well. Click2Mail gives you the tools to do both with MailJack, which lets you use the “print” feature in any software program (like Microsoft Word or Adobe Reader, even your email program or web browser) to send a document – like an invoice, letter, or announcement – directly through the U.S. Mail.


Using MailJack saves you time and money, and is more environmentally friendly. Here's how it works: 

1. The first step is installing the MailJack print driver on your Windows computer (you'll need a Click2Mail account to do this). Once the print driver is installed, open the document you want to print. Select “print” from the appropriate menu and choose “Click2Mail MailJack” as your printer. You can preview the document just like you would if you were printing it on your printer at home or in the office. 

2. Once you're satisfied that everything looks good, you click “print” and your document is transmitted to We receive the document, print it, and deliver it to your recipient via the U.S. Postal Service. That's it!


The advantages of using MailJack include: 

  • It's easy: All you have to do is install the print driver on your computer. There's no special software to learn or tricks to know. If you can print a document from your computer, you can use MailJack™. 


  • It's fast: We know it's important to you to get your mail out the door as quickly as possible. That's why we guarantee that any First-Class orders submitted by 8 p.m. EST through MailJack™will be mailed the next business day. 


  • It's flexible: MailJack works whether you want to mail one document or 100. You can print-to-mail addressed documents (like a letter) or unaddressed documents (like a presentation – you just tell us where you want to send it and we'll add the address on the fly). We can even combine multiple documents to mail to a single address, or send multiple addressed documents using mail merge. Have a large document you need to send? No problem. You can send up to 94 pages in each envelope. 


  • It's affordable: All you need to get started with MailJack™ is a free Click2Mail account. Then, just purchase user credits through your Click2Mail account, and your order will be processed automatically. Plus, you save valuable time by eliminating all the tedious steps that go into preparing a mailing yourself. Just one click, and you're done. 


  • It's green: By moving mail to the cloud, Click2Mail makes mail more environmentally friendly. Our hybrid mailing process helps you eliminate waste: you waste less ink and paper in your office, and you save gas by eliminating trips to the post office. Plus, we use recycled materials to print your mailing, and we automatically standardize addresses, so that your mail ends up in the hands of its intended recipient, rather than in the trash. Finally, because we route your mail to the printing center closest to the delivery address, we're able to reduce carbon emissions. 


Interested in learning more about MailJack and how it can help you green your business? Visit the MailJack page on our website, or contact our customer support team at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 866-665-2787. We're here Mon-Fri, 9AM to 8PM Eastern Time, and we're always eager to answer your questions.