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How Businesses Are Succeeding with Click2Mail

May 02, 2012


How Businesses Are Succeeding with Click2Mail: Saunders Brothers Party Rentals

Every day, we hear stories about how our customers are succeeding with Click2Mail.  Today, we'd like to share one of those stories with you. 


Peter Saunders and his brother Timothy recently established Saunders Brothers Party Rentals in Goffstown, New Hampshire.  The company rents inflatable bounce houses, tables, chairs, tents, popcorn machines, and other party supplies to customers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  As new business owners, the Saunders brothers were looking for effective – and affordable – ways to market to customers in their area. 


Like many new business owners, Peter and Timothy started out with digital marketing, including setting up both a traditional and a mobile website, buying Google ads and Craigslist ads, and posting about their services on message boards.  They quickly realized that some of these efforts were more effective than others – creating a website was a smart move, but the Google ads didn't really pay off in the way they had hoped


The Saunders brothers saw that digital marketing alone wasn't going to get them the results that they needed to grow their new business.  They decided to try direct mail, kicking things off with a Click2Mail large postcard mailer. 


The first mailing went out in March.  The company sent the postcard to families within 15 miles of their location who had at least one child and an annual income of $100,000 or more (they used Click2Mail's mailing list services to generate a list of prospects).  The postcard mailer also featured a QR code that directed recipients to the company's mobile website. 


The results were impressive.  The company saw a 300% increase in visits to its website, with 40% of the traffic coming from people who scanned the QR code.  And those clicks weren't just coming from casual visitors; many people spent several minutes on the site

  checking out the company's offerings.  Ultimately, the mailing generated 25 qualified inquiries and seven bookings, which more than paid for the cost of the campaign.


"Click2Mail's mailing list and postcards allowed me to target my customer better then email," said Peter. 


And setting up the campaign was simple.  "It was really easy to create the postcard using the template," Peter said.  "I created the mailpiece through Mailing Online and got feedback from family and friends.  From there I was able to easily make changes to the design before I uploaded it." 


The campaign was a definite success, and Saunders Brothers plan more mailings in the future.  Peter did learn a few things from his first direct mail effort that he'll use to improve the design of future campaigns.  One was the importance of having a strong call to action on the mailer, such as a coupon that's only good for a limited time. 


Peter also plans to refine his list criteria in the next mailing.  The company's peak season runs from May to October, so they'll be sending out several different mailers to different groups in the next few months, including consumers with children and businesses and organizations that might be hosting summer events, such as churches, day care centers, and schools.  The brothers are optimistic about the success of the next mailings, given the strong results they saw with their first effort.  They definitely plan to make direct mail a regular part of their marketing efforts.  


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