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How USPS Changes Will Affect You

Jan 02, 2012

The USPS Is Raising Rates, But Click2Mail Still Saves You Money

It's hard to escape news of the U.S. Postal Service's financial woes. Confronting the issue head-on in an open letter to customers recently, USPS Postmaster General Pat Donahoe wrote "It is not a secret that the Postal Service has been incurring steep and unsustainable financial losses. These are due entirely to an inflexible and outdated business model and should not be regarded as an indictment of the value of the mail as a communication channel." Indeed, this last year the USPS delivered 167.6 billion pieces of mail, representing a $1 trillion mailing industry that employs 8 million people.


As the USPS works to retool itself based on a business model that is sustainable, they are instituting changes that will affect Click2Mail customers. We want to be open with you about these changes and how they will affect your experience with Click2Mail.


How USPS changes will affect Click2Mail customers

• Currently First-Class Mail is delivered within a 1-3 day window. The USPS has proposed changing the service standard to 2-3 days, meaning that on average, customers would no longer receive mail the day after it was sent.
• The USPS has also proposed price increases for Shipping Services. Priority Mail prices will increase on average 3.1%, Express Mail prices will increase 3.3%, and First-Class Package Service prices will increase 3.7%.
• The price of a First-Class Mail stamp is also set to increase to $0.45 on January 22, 2012.


None of these changes are final until they're approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC), but in all likelihood they will be approved and go into effect on January 22. The changes mean that prices for some Click2Mail products and services will rise, and delivery times may be longer.


How Click2Mail still saves you time and money

There is nothing any mailing company can do about USPS changes to mailing services prices or delivery times. But rest assured that Click2Mail will continue to save you time and money in a number of ways, including:


1. Giving you discounts you can't get on your own. Our system prints addresses in USPS-approved standardized format and presorts your pieces to get you further reductions in your postage expenses. These are savings you can't get on your own (unless you have the same software and mail in bulk). Those special discounts include address standardization discounts and presorting discounts.

2. No minimum order requirements. Unlike many print and mail companies, Click2Mail has no minimum order requirement. Ship 1 or ship 10,000 (and anywhere in between) and you still qualify for our postage discounts. Plus, we offer production fee discounts ranging from 5% to 15% off, starting at just 100 pieces.

3. Free National Change of Address (NCOA) service. One of the sources of wasted expense in direct mail campaigns is pieces that go to outdated addresses. Click2Mail reduces the chances of this happening to you through our link to the USPS's change of address database, which reflects new addresses provided by people when they move. Every time you send us a mailing list, we check your information against this database and automatically update it with any new addresses on file. This results in more accurate delivery to your recipients and allows us to receive - and pass on to you - postage discounts on every piece you mail.

4. Extra convenience.  Click2Mail has always existed to make mail easy.  Our model allows you to procure a list, design a mailer, print, and mail all from the comfort of your office or home.  No driving to the printer.  No driving to the post office.  With Click2Mail, you get all of that online at  So if your nearby post office closes or reduces its hours, rely on Click2Mail for the convenience you need.


As we have been, we will continue to keep you updated on the changes that the USPS is making. If you have questions about how your Click2Mail service will be affected, please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).