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Integrated Marketing Tip 2 - Direct Mail and Telemarketing

Nov 01, 2010

A One-two Punch: Direct Mail and Telemarketing

Telemarketing is often viewed as a marketing tactic in and of itself without being integrated into a full campaign. That's why there are many call centers that specialize in being the one-stop shop for generating sales leads and converting leads into actual sales.

But most marketers realize that is a narrow view that ignores a great business opportunity. Telemarketing combined with direct mail, for example, offers a richer experience for your audience. With direct mailing appealing visually and telemarketing appealing audibly, the recipient receives your message in different forms, on multiple occasions, enabling a relationship to form. This combination - when executed strategically - is a one-two punch that can be very effective within your marketing plan and for your business.

Using direct mail to make a warm lead warmer

A university's annual fund campaign is a great example of integrating direct mail with telemarketing to bring in sales (in this case, donations) from their target audience (alumni). This is how it worked in one case study:

The challenge with telemarketing as the sole sales tactic is the inherent lack of trust the recipient has with the caller. Even with a great deal of training and a warm lead - as leads would be with a university's annual fund campaign - it's not easy to evoke trust during the call. First-time encounters on the phone simply have natural limitations.

However, it also isn't realistic - nor an effective use of marketing dollars - to create face-to-face opportunities to speak with the university's entire alumni base. With these challenges at hand, the university created a sense of trust and cultivated the relationships prior to the call so that the phone conversation was a winner. How? Through direct mail.

The university created a series of mailers that were sent during the months leading up to the telemarketing campaign. The mail came in the form of letters, postcards, and tri-fold mailers. Though the recipients - alumni of the university - were already familiar with the sender, often they did not know the most recent university news, research or updates.

Over a few months, alumni read student profiles and reflected on their memories of student life, got excited about the football team, and were proud of the cutting-edge faculty research being done as well as the great network of alumni that they were a part of. They ultimately felt more connected to their alma mater.

Enter the telemarketing phase

The scripted student dialed the alumni and referred back to the touch points sent via direct mail. The result was a large increase in alumni feedback and annual fund participation. Alumni commented that they felt more connected to the university and more engaged. Additionally, many alumni who ended up not contributing funds during the phone call asked how they could help with volunteer work or other contributions of time and talent. For the university - who needs volunteers and wants to continue engaging their alumni beyond their financial contributions - this was a huge win and added to the success of the campaign.

That's the power of combining direct mailing with telemarketing. A cold call is never easy or comfortable. But with direct mail, you can make a cold call warm - or a warm call even warmer. That makes your telemarketing campaign all the more successful.

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