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Is “Direct Mail” a Dirty Word? 5 Reasons Why Not

Jun 02, 2011

5 Reasons Why Direct Mail with Click2Mail is Green

In some quarters, direct mail gets a bad rap because people assume that it's environmentally unfriendly. It's not a completely unreasonable assumption to make, but it is inaccurate. Because direct mail, done right, can be green. Here are a few of the ways that Click2Mail makes mail green:

1. Fewer greenhouse gas emissions. At Click2Mail, we don't print and mail from a centralized location; instead, we route your individual mail pieces to the printing center closest to the delivery address ZIP Code. So we're minimizing the miles your mail travels (less transportation = less gas = less greenhouse gas emissions) and maximizing the speed with which your mail arrives in your recipients' mailboxes. Plus, when you mail with Click2Mail instead of doing it yourself, you don't have to schlep to and fro the post office in your own car (that saves you time, and money, and is better for the environment).

2. Click2Mail cleans and "greens" your mailing list, free. A "clean" mailing list is one that has few, or no, incorrect addresses (all of the addresses exist, and match to the addressee's name). Mailing to a clean list is important, for one, because it makes a big difference to the return you see on your direct mail investment: a poor quality list can reduce mail deliverability by as much as 30% - that's nearly a third of your direct mail investment potentially wasted. And in addition to wasting your money, mailing to a dirty list also wastes resources - the paper and ink for the mailer and the carbon used to deliver it.

There are a number of steps associated with cleaning a mailing list, and most print and mail companies charge a fee for that service. At Click2Mail, it's all free. Here's what we do:

• First, we use CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certified software to standardize U.S. domestic addresses.
• Then, every time you mail we check your mailing list against the National Change of Address (NCOA) database and we automatically replace movers' addresses on mailpieces with the new addresses on file.

That way, you're saving precious resources (your money, and the environment) all around!

3. We use recycled materials. It's true that printing on a piece of paper uses more natural resources than sending an electronic message, but at Click2Mail we minimize the resources used by printing on recycled paper. The quality and performance of our recycled paper is equal to that of virgin paper, but we're optimizing the use of existing material, reducing the amount of virgin pulp taken from forest resources.

4. Click2Mail Mailing List Services makes it easy to target your mailing list. Just as a clean list makes for greener direct mail, so does a targeted list. Because the fact is that not everyone is in your target audience. If you provide yard maintenance services, for example, are apartment dwellers really part of your audience? Eliminating those people from your list not only saves you money, but reduces the amount of mailers that go straight to the trash (and reducing waste is always good for the environment).

For a more detailed guide on how to build a targeted list, check out our article More Isn't Always Better: A Guide to Targeted Mailing Lists.

5. Our postcards and flyer self-mailers maximize effectiveness (100% open rate!) and minimize the paper used in each piece. One of the recommendations of the Green Marketing Coalition is to maximize the use of each mailer, including by printing on both sides. At Click2Mail, we do that - and then some. Our no-envelope mailer options, like postcards and flyer self-mailers, are more effective (the recipient doesn't have to open the envelope to see your message) and save paper, too.

For these five reasons (and more) sending mail through Click2Mail is not only an effective way to market your company but an environmentally friendly decision you can feel good about, too. For help getting your direct mail campaign started with Click2Mail, call 1-866-665-2787, visit, or e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).