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MailJack™ Print Driver: As Easy as Clicking “Print”

Jan 05, 2012

MailJack Print Driver: As Easy as Clicking “Print” – Now with More Features

MailJack is the new print driver from Click2Mail that allows you to create a document, click Print from your desktop, then have Click2Mail manage the printing and mailing.  For businesses that do a lot of one-off mailing (invoices, reminders, client communications, etc.), MailJack saves significant time and internal resources.

All you need is a no-cost user account and any software program that produces an 8.5 x 11 inch page suitable for printing – word processing programs, bookkeeping programs, presentation programs, spreadsheet programs, and so on. You can even print-to-mail documents from your email program, Internet browser, and Adobe Acrobat Reader (for PDFs).

How MailJack works: an example

We have a number of small business clients that use MailJack for their monthly invoicing and appointment reminders because they simply don’t have the internal resources to dedicate to printing, envelope stuffing, and taking everything to the post office (and they don’t get the mail discounts we offer). 

But we also have a number of large organizations that have realized significant benefits from MailJack too.  One is a national organization with offices across the U.S.  Of course they use e-mail, but they also use regular mail for internal correspondence.  Previously, every office had a mail department that had to dedicate significant resources to processing intra-organizational mail. 

They’ve been able to put those resources to work in other areas by installing the free Click2Mail print driver MailJack on every desktop.  Now, when someone needs to mail a letter to another office, they compose the letter in whichever application they typically use (Microsoft Word, for example), click Print to MailJack, and they’re done – the letter is off to Click2Mail for printing and mailing.

We're listening!

Since we launched MailJack in 2011, MailJack users have provided us with valuable feedback. We take your comments and suggestions seriously and will use it to continuously make MailJack better. So please send any comments or suggestions you have about MailJack, or any other Click2Mail product or service, to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).