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Maize Quest’s Direct Mail Success

Feb 04, 2010

Maize Quest/Maple Lawn Farms has been using Click2Mail to send postcards and self-mail flyers for several years.  In addition to opening their farm to guests to pick the fruit during the harvesting seasons, Maize Quest/Maple Lawn Farms also offers maze adventures and school tours.

“Maze Master” Hugh McPherson said that he found particular success reaching out to local teachers.  “Each grade level received a different mailer to make sure we were speaking directly to that teacher's needs. This year we booked more school tours than ever!”

The secret to Maize Quest/Maple Lawn Farms’ success?  A targeted list and personalized mail piece.  “We try to reach each market with a very targeted message. Click2Mail postcards let us do that because there is no minimum volume requirement.”  Maize Quest/Maple Lawn Farms uses its own in-house list as well as rented/ purchased consumer, business, and specialty lists.  (Need a list?  Click2Mail can help.)

Maize Quest/Maple Lawn Farms maximizes the advantages that come from having a highly targeted list by personalizing each mail piece.  “We speak directly to our recipients. We’re not big on discount offers, but we make sure we have a clear message of value,” McPherson said.  Click2Mail makes it easy to personalize your mailer with an online system that’s very similar to “mail merge.”  (Maize Quest/Maple Lawn Farms uses Click2Mail’s system to include each mail recipient’s name and organization on the mailpieces.)

McPherson likes Click2Mail because it is so easy and fast.  “I can do it all myself in less than 30 minutes. 2 hours if you count designing the piece offline!”

Asked for a last bit of advice for other direct mailers, McPherson said, “We believe in postcards and compelling value offers on the outside of mailers. We want them to read the message without having to open it.”  (That’s the thinking, by the way, behind our Easy Letter Sender, which has a preview window to let recipients see the attention-grabbing image on the letter before they open the envelope.)

Congratulations to Maize Quest/Maple Lawn Farms on their direct mail success, and thanks to Hugh McPherson for taking the time to share that success with us!

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