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Make Content-based Mail Work for You, Plus Get More than 30% Off

Aug 02, 2010

47% of Households Read Content-Based Mail: How to Make It Work for You, Now at more than 30% Off *

It's said that content is king. That adage was reinforced by the USPS 2009 Household Diary Study - a massive survey of how American households receive, send, respond to, and feel about direct mail: "Catalogs attract much more attention (47%) than credit card advertising (33%), as they are usually more interesting to read." The survey didn't look at newsletters as a category, but the principle is the same: people read mail that is interesting and informative.

Pure advertising certainly has its place - a stand-out postcard announcing your latest product offering or a sales letter touting the benefits of your service can generate outstanding response. But content-based mail (newsletters, catalogs, informational flyers) that offers the reader something of value, whether or not he buys your product or service, can work wonders to:

a) Establish your company as the expert (the place your prospects and customers will turn to when they need help solving a problem or filling a need)
b) Engender goodwill (the fact that you're willing to offer valuable information without any promise of reciprocity increases the chances that the recipient will, in fact, become a customer)
c) Give clients and prospects insight into your business that they wouldn't find in a purely promotional mailer

3 tips for creating an effective newsletter, catalog, or informational flyer

1. It's (mostly) about the reader. What does the reader want? What keeps her awake at night? Use your mail piece to demonstrate to her that you understand what she cares about and offer her ways that she can get what she wants and/or resolve her worries. Your product or service clearly plays a part, but take care to avoid sounding salesy. This is about helping the reader meet her needs or solve her problems, not about peddling your wares.

2. Let the reader get to know you, too. The beauty of a multi-page newsletter, catalog, or flyer is that it allows you space to help your reader meet her needs and/or solve her problems, and get to know you, too. Prospects and customers want to know who you are and what you're about - beyond the marketing spiel. Think about including a "Message from the President" so that readers can get to know the people behind the company. Employee spotlights (for service firms) and product spotlights provide a good opportunity to explain the benefits your services and products offer.

3. Remember the call to action. While the value of content-based mailers lies in providing interesting, useful information, the purpose at the end of the day is still to boost your bottom line. So even as you work hard to avoid sounding salesy, include calls to action throughout. For a newsletter, you might end each article with a reminder that you're here to help and your phone number and website. In a mini-catalog, you might end each product description with information on how to order or learn more.

Our flyer self-mailers are perfect for newsletters, catalogs, and informational flyers. Because they're not mailed in an envelope, strategically-placed images and headlines grab your recipient's attention right at the mailbox. Use anywhere from 1 to 8 pages to offer recipients useful information and insight into your company.

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