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Making Direct Mail Work: Business Services

Dec 28, 2011

5 Direct Mail Tips for Business Services Firms

Whether you run a tax preparation firm, offer bookkeeping services, do computer repair, or offer any other kind of business service, you know that snagging the new prospect is gold (because the lifetime value of a client can be huge, when they come back to you time and again).


At the same time, if you don't interact on a regular basis with your existing clients, say, because you offer annual tax preparation or once-in-a-blue-moon computer repair services, staying top-of-mind is critical too - so that when your client does have a need, she'll remember to call you.


So, how do you snag new business prospects? And, at the same time, maintain your relationship with existing prospects? Direct mail, of course! When marketing your business services to new prospects and reminding existing clients why you're great, consider these five direct mail tips:


Tip #1: Use a colorful postcard to reach new customers in your area. You can certainly purchase a business mailing list or consumers list from Click2Mail to find those in your area that match your target demographic. Or, you could eliminate the list step altogether with Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), which hits every address on a postal carrier route (and postage is just 14.2 cents per piece).


Make your postcard message short and to-the-point. Say something like "We're here when your taxes are due" or "When your computer crashes, we can help." Use imagery that customers will immediately associate with your service as soon as they open the mailbox (you don't ever want mail recipients guessing, "What is this postcard about?").


Tip #2: Use a graphic flyer to grab your customers' interest. A flyer self-mailer offers the benefits of a postcard (the recipient doesn't have to open an envelope to see your key message) and gives you more space to explain the benefits of your service. Section your mailer into the core services you offer, and remember to focus on WIIFM ("what's in it for me" - what are the benefits you offer your customers).


Tip #3: Use a letter to introduce yourself. A letter is great if your business is new to the area and you want to introduce yourself. It has a more formal feel, and it gives you plenty of space to describe the benefits of your services. Use Click2Mail Easy Letter Sender to send a letter with an image visible through an envelope window, to combine the formality of a letter and the power of a graphic.


Tip #4: For invoices, appointment reminders, and service agreements, make life easy with MailJack Print Driver. When you send one-off documents throughout the course of a day or week, MailJack can eliminate the headache and expense of managing printing and mailing yourself. Sending your document to Click2Mail is as easy as clicking "Print" from your own document processing software.


Tip #5: For official documents, think Certified Mail. When you need to send a tax client a notice that they're being audited, or a letter to a computer owner that it's their last chance to pick up their property, it's important to get an official record of receipt. You can do that yourself at the Post Office, or you can let Click2Mail do it for you (remember, we make mail easy).


In business and consumer services, direct mail can help you convert new leads and keep you top-of-mind with current clients. Use a postcard, flyer or letter from Click2Mail to build your customer base and help solidify your brand. When you're ready to start, is here to help.


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