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Making Direct Mail Work: Home Improvement Business

Apr 05, 2012


Making Direct Mail Work Series Article #7: Targeting Likely Prospects to Grow Your Home Improvement Business


While the current slump in the U.S. housing market (and the economy in general) may have put a damper on new home building and major home renovations, there are still customers and prospects who need your home improvement products and services. But…you might have to work harder to stand out from your competitors and grab business in this kind of market. Direct mail, which is easy, effective, and affordable with Click2Mail, can help. Here are some ideas for targeting three important customer groups with direct mail.


New homeowners (yes, they do still exist, and they need new carpet, paint, ceiling fans, appliances, etc.) Use the Click2Mail New Homeowners list to get a list of all of the homeowners who have moved into your area in the last six months (and weekly updates for the freshest leads). Send a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” jumbo postcard that also acts as a discount coupon. 


If you have a field sales agent who rings the doorbells of new homeowners, your agent should keep track of which homeowners seemed interested – to follow up specifically with them. Once those homeowners’ names and addresses are in your contact database, sending one-off mailings personalized to each homeowner is easy with MailJack (the print driver that makes sending your document to Click2Mail for printing and mailing as easy as clicking “Print” from your computer).


Existing homeowners. It used to be that the average American household moved once every six years or so; that has certainly changed. Now, instead of moving, many Americans turn to home renovations to satisfy that six-year itch. Consider a direct mail campaign featuring a series of postcards offering tips for home renovation ideas and relevant discounts.


With Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) you can very affordably reach every household in a given area (click on the link to learn more about mailing for just 14.5 cents apiece). Mail a 6.25 x 11 card with a “10% off your total purchase” coupon for homeowners to use on paint, lighting, carpet, cabinetry, etc. With EDDM, your mailer will also reach renters who may want to buy window treatments or wall hangings.


Smaller “handyman-like” businesses. While homeowners might not be spending big money these days, many still look to the local handyman to help with painting, drywall, hanging ceiling fans, and other smaller projects. Use a business mailing list from Click2Mail to find these service companies and mail them a letter stating how you offer competitive prices, convenient location, friendly service (whatever your core differentiator is). Again, include a discount coupon to get prospects into your store. 


Once you’ve begun to build a database of business customers, think about sending a regular newsletter. Some customers will prefer to receive the newsletter by email, others by mail, and with Click2Mail you can manage it all in one system. With Email-to-Mail you include whatever you want printed within the email or as attachments, send to Click2Mail, and we print and mail for you.


Whichever category of prospect you’re targeting, direct mail can help you grow your home improvement business – even in this real estate market. These aren’t the boom years by any stretch, but people still need new paint, new carpet, and new appliances all the same. If you can reach those people, you can get the sale. Click2Mail is here to help; let’s get started today.


This is the seventh in our new article series on making direct mail work to grow your business. We’ve combined this with 13 other articles on making direct mail work for different types of businesses. For your free copy of the full white paper complete with all 14 articles, email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).