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Making Direct Mail Work: Insurance Business

Dec 05, 2011

Making Direct Mail Work: Insurance Business


Follow these five tips when designing your direct mail campaign and you’ll be well on your way to building rapport with prospective insurance customers and growing your relationships with current customers.

Tip #1. Do your research. 
Use one of Click2Mail's consumer mailing lists to find potential clients.  If you offer car insurance, you can use the list to find households with a probable teen driver.  If you offer homeowner’s insurance, you could use the new homeowner’s list and send a letter talking about all of the benefits you offer compared to the “next guy.”  For maintaining and growing relationships with your current clients, you can upload your own customer list into the Click2Mail system.

Interacting with your customers and prospects is the wave of the future (talking with versus talking at people), so consider using a reply postcard to ask your prospects about their insurance needs (Do they want coverage for every little ding or just enough liability coverage?).  Studies show that reply cards increase your response rate.

Tip #2. Use the right language. 
Once you’ve defined who your target prospects are, you’ll want to speak to them in their own language.  If you’re speaking to teen drivers, then your postcard might have a message that looks like a text: DUNCI? (translation: Do You Need Car Insurance?). Get their attention and get them to act.  For your new homeowner’s letter, you could say “After you’ve unpacked your boxes, give us a call about our insurance quotes.”

Tip #3. Use the right images. 
Using images of people in the same demographic as your target audience will engender trust and make your mail recipients feel like you really are talking to them. For for parents of teen drivers, design a postcard with a picture of teens driving around town with their friends.  Remember to include a strong call to action (call the office, visit the website, send a text).  Send new homeowners a flyer with images of a family unpacking their moving boxes.  Include additional images of the family hanging pictures on the wall to really make a connection to what new movers are experiencing.

Tip #4. Stay in touch. 
There’s no doubt that the number one way you can keep current clients happy is by serving them well.  Part of serving them well is keeping them informed – about changes in state laws that might affect their insurance, with reminders to do their annual insurance check-up, with tips and tricks for reducing their premiums…the list goes on.  You can make all of that easy with MailJack, which makes printing and mailing documents through Click2Mail as easy as clicking “Print.”

Tip #5. Be official. 
When it comes to insurance, sometimes you want your mail to be official.  Whether it’s your client’s annual policy renewal or an important special notice, Certified Mail feels urgent – which means people open it – and provides an official record of mailing and delivery.  And with Click2Mail, it’s surprisingly easy and affordable.

When you do your research, use the right language, choose images that resonate with your audience, stay in touch, and (sometimes) go official, you’re well on your way to building rapport with new prospects and growing your relationships with current clients.  Remember, Click2Mail is here to make that easy. 

This is the third in our new article series on making direct mail work to grow your business.  We’ve combined this with 13 other articles on making direct mail work for different types of businesses.  For your free copy of the full white paper complete with all 14 articles, email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).